Friday, July 16, 2021

I Just Deleted 6,371...

 ...emails in my AOL mailbox plus another 1,200 plus emails in my AOL Spam folder. I guess I have not signed onto AOL in quite awhile! Normally, I do not use that site and with all the junk mail that my AOL email address receives, and my guess is 99% was junk and none of the other 1% was important, you can see why.

All the best,

It Appears I May Have Been, Even Probably Was, Very Wrong When...

  ...I said, in essence, that no matter how much I despise the fact, the fact is: 'Joe Biden is our president'. 
According to a report at One America News Network: Maricopa County, AZ is refusing to comply with an election audit and has not yet turned over information & items subpoenaed by the Senate relative to the 2020 election. It reportedly has been determined that voting machines in said county were breached by having been connected to the Internet during the election and thus that the vote possibly was was hacked. Furthermore, there were allegedly 74,000 mail in votes received but those ballots were reportedly never mailed out to voters in the first place. In addition to those things, there were also reportedly 4,000 votes cast by voters who allegedly registered to vote only after the registration deadline for that election had passed. (More at the source.)
 Since Biden 'won' AZ by only 11,000 votes and the potential fraudulent votes amount to well over that - it is quite possible that Biden actually did not win said state if said allegations are true. What seemingly adds to the credence of these claims is that Maricopa County is evidently refusing to comply with lawful subpoenas and other requests for evidence. It always amazes me how the left made thousands of claims against Donal Trump before he was elected and then against President Trump once he was elected and never produced one iota of hard factual evidence against him. Now that allegations are being made against the left, they steadfastly refuse to produce subpoenaed articles and records in what seems to me to be an obvious cover-up! The law according to the left is evidently that they follow no law at all!

If all of this is proven true - and if it is shown likewise in other states (I am sure if proven in AZ investigations will come gloriously ablaze in other states) - maybe the sacks of shit man & woman in the White House are not truly our president & vice president and they will be removed from office post haste. Even if that hope of removal does not come true, I will remain hopeful that if these latest rounds of allegations are proven, there will be heads rolling, so to speak, and long prison terms for those who committed any election fraud. 

All the best,
Glenn B