Friday, October 11, 2013



That is all,

Svedka Vodka...

...not bad at all - especially considering I am drinking the remains of my son's bottle of hooch. It has been in the basement pantry way too long to have gone unnoticed and un-imbibed by me. In fact, this is about the third time I have enjoyed of its clear but heady nectar. I do not like it quite as much as I prefer Polish Luksusowa Potato Vodka but what the heck, this Svedka Vodka is for free. That is, it is for free until he realizes I hit his stash, then he is almost certain to hit-up mine. That is fine by me, sort of the same thing goes with our ammo caches!

All the best,
Glenn B

Want .22LR Ammo - You Had Best Be Quicker Than Me...

...and that means you need to be about as quick as greased lightning or better (like the Road Runner).

As per, MidwayUSA had Federal, American Eagle, 22 Long Rifle, High Velocity 38 Grain, Plated, Lead Hollow Point, Ammunition available only 36 minutes prior to me trying to order some of it at .05 cents per round. Yes, I realize, I swore off of any new ammo purchases for a month and the month is long from over. It was not as much of a lie as it was that: What sane shootist could pass this by without trying to get some of it at that price in today's market! Anyway, when I tried to order some of it - it was already sold out - in less than 36 minutes!!! Ouch.

That ammo, disappearing like that, was quicker than ever was the Road Runner in avoiding the attempts of Wile E. Coyote to grab hold of him!

All the best,
Glenn B

Ah Mother Fucker...

...were the three words that just came out of my mouth in an exasperated huff when I tired to think about something that was worthy of a blog-post. That might get you to thinking that I came up blank with subject matter but that is far from the case. In fact, I could come up with scores, if not hundreds, of topics to blog about but the truth is that I am so disgusted by most of them that I am none to sure I could stand blogging about them let alone enjoy doing it. So let me blog about something of which I am certain, I country is in dire straits because of they who would do nothing else than make leeches of themselves.

I was about to write that the main reason for that is Obama but it is not. Truth be told, it is not him nor any product of him, it is the culture that bred him and that morphed him into the end-all-be-all of the you-owe-me voter (Yom-V). Amazingly, almost as soon as I wrote that, and it took about 2 seconds of thought to come up with, I realized how much Yom-V sounds like Zombie (and that is the truth - so help me Ronald Reagan). While yom-v sounds like zombie, they are not real zombies, they are just wanna-be zombies. Yet, they emulate zombies in that they offer nothing to society and nothing to the species survival as a whole. All they do is  attempt to take everything they can from any source that is alive and thriving, to any degree better than are they, and then devour it. Does that sound familiar? It should, because that is what the supporters of Obama (or simply put the ultra-leftists) are trying to accomplish. That is, they are trying to suck the rest of us dry and turn us and our assets into dead meat that they can devour. Who in hell are they going to suck the life out of once they have taken the fruits of our labors and have no others to take from except their own bloodsucking kind! I mean that most seriously.

After all, there is:

The welfare group - which is way up in numbers since Obama took over and their ranks are increasing.

The group of those on food stamps, which has multiplied by so many as for it to seem like an impossible feat but they too are sucking us - we who studied hard, worked hard and made something of ourselves through difficulties and then became in any degree successful at supporting ourselves - of our life's blood and saying we owe it to them. Why we owe them anything, I cannot figure and, they have never properly nor logically explained it except to continually repeat the mantra that we owe them as if hard work and success were things over which to feel guilt and shame.

The illegal aliens to whom we supposedly owe some type of never ending gratitude for violating our laws to illegally enter our country and who take our jobs from us as well as taking the jobs that could otherwise have been given to the yom-v's who refuse to work and who suck us dry.

The yom-v's who would keep borrowing even though none of them can afford to pay for what they borrowed, in all of our names, and they would depend on the rest of us to pay their debts even though we were against borrowing.

The yom-v's who want to take away our guns and any way that we can protect ourselves from other yom-v's who would like to not only suck us dry but also to rape, pillage and plunder us and ours without us having any way to defend ourselves.

The yom-v's who will find us useful as long as we can work and earn so that we can be overtaxed by them and thus by way of our taxes support those absolutely useless slugs. Then, when we are retired and too old to work, they will, under Obama-Care make sure not to provide us with the very same health care to which they will find themselves entitled unless of course they are the President, the Vice President, our Senators, our Congressional Representatives in the House, union members of unions that supported Obama (but isn't my saying it that way quite redundant) and others of Obama's flunkies. I think you could refer to that policy as relegating us to the death panels but alas, the uber-leftist liberals would try to make you believe otherwise.

In other words, it has become the educated, hard working, self supporting, tax paying dedicated to patriotism and the American way, citizens who are being held responsible for supporting the remainder of the scum-sucking leeches in America. I have two words for them - that is for the leeches: Fuck You.

I also have five words for the government even though I honestly do not condone them, and very much hope with all my heart to avoid them, and to find a peaceful solution even though I do not believe the yom-v's will let us do so. Those five words are: Revolution Almost Certainly Is Forthcoming. You yom-v's may think you can control us, and make us use our lives' blood to support your kind without you lending anything to that support, and you may think you can destroy and our wills, and our guns and ammo, and our freedom and liberties and rights, but the truth is we have been taking stock of it all longer than have you. There are more of us, willing to give our all, for the just cause, than you in the military and in law enforcement and among the citizenry. All too many of us are just waiting to bite the hand that steals from us, once you have gone to far into tyranny, than are there of your own kind hoping to suck the rest of us dry before we rise up and strike back in defense of ourselves, our loved ones and our Constitution.

I am hoping, maybe against all hope, for you leeches to start pulling your weight and to lend true support to the nation, and thus am also hoping for a peacefully united country bent on our best interests to be the end result. Yet, I am a realist and I realize that you leeches are unlikely to do anything but to continue to try to suck the hand that feeds you dry.  So, I and many others are preparing for the worst because it almost seems inevitable, what with the extent you have tried to suck the life out of the rest of us, that the worst is yet to come.

All the best,
Glenn B