Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CONTEST CANCELLED - Ballseye's Firearms Accessories Tournament # 1 - CONTEST CANCELLED


Okay folks here it is, the not so long awaited, brand spanking new, Ballseye's Firearms' Accessories Tournament in which maybe you can win the prize. To enter the contest you must comply with all particular rules as found in this particular blog post, and all general contest rules at:


Ballseye's Firearms' Accessories Tournament #1 (aka: the contest) is as follows:

To enter send me an email (click on view my complete profile over to the right side of my blog to get an email link) with your complete name, and that also gives your best guess as to what is the item appearing in the picture within this post (yes that pic to the left, not the pic of the prize). Hint - the item is definitely firearms related. The more specific you are, then maybe the better your chance of winning, that is so long as your specifics are correct. So if you think it is a firing pin, well then a better answer might be that it is a firing pin for a model 1697 Schnauzer Shooting repeating rifle. Of course, if it actually is a firing pin, and if no one else guesses it is a firing pin, well then saying "it is a firing pin" could have you as the winner (hint: it is not a firing pin). See general rules regarding ties.

Note: You are only getting a view of part of the item, and it may or may not be true to color due to camera quirks and or flash quirks. The answer must tell me what is the entire item disregarding any extraneous inclusion in the pic that is not gun related, and regardless of any distortion in the photo. There are no intentional distortions. Any distortions, such as the color thing I just mentioned are inadvertent. By the way, maybe that is a hint that the color, or at least some of it, did not come out right.

Entry must be in understandable English, that I understand (no foul language permitted, keep it clean and courteous please).

This contest opens upon my publication of this post to my blog, and it closes on Saturday October 25, 2008 at 11:59 PM my time. I am in NY near NY City, you figure it out as compared to your time. All entries must be received by 11:59 PM on October 25, 2008. I will announce the winner, if any, on or about Sunday October 26, 2008 or as soon after as is practical for me to do so.

There is no entry fee, and there is no postage or shipping fee for the prize in this particular contest if a prize is awarded.

There is a pic of the prize to the right; however I reserve the right to substitute for any prize at my discretion (like if it gets lost between now and whenever I announce a winner if anyone wins). As far as I can tell, the cleaning kit offered as a prize is new as in never been used, but I am not sure. At least I have never used it, and the brushes look new. It maybe some sort of military surplus. Condition as is, but it looks to be one nifty, excellent condition as far as I can see, little cleaning kit for use in the field. Click on pic for larger view (sorry that does not work on the above pic of the item you need to guess about).

All general contest rules apply as are posted in the link at the top right side of my blog and at Remember as per the general rules only one entry per person, so give it some thought before answering.

Good luck.

All the best,
Glenn B

Ballseye's Firearms Accessories Tournament Rules Revised 11/06/08

Ballseye's Firearms Accessories Tournament Rules: (Ballseye's Firearms Accessories Tournament will be henceforth referred to by that name, or as the contest, or as the contests, or as Ballseye's FAT, or whatever else I decide to call it):

1. Glenn Bartley, aka Ballseye, is the one and only person who makes up the rules, who can change the rules, and who makes the determinations as to applicability of the rules in any given situation relative to this tournament. I am always right with regard to the contest.

2. Glenn Bartley (that would be me) has the absolute and only say regarding any disputes about the contest; and my decision is final.

3. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the contest. By participating in the contest you are affirming that you are at least 18 years old.

4. The contest is open to U.S. Citizens, and legal resident aliens of the U.S.A., residing within the 50 U.S. States only; and by your participation in the tournament/contest you are affirming you fit into one of these categories.

5. Shipment of a prize, if any, will only be within the 50 states of the U.S.A..

6. Any prize will only be awarded to those who assure me that receiving and possession of the prize is legal for them at the address they send to me.

7. You are limited to one entry per contest and this will be on the honor system. I am not responsible for anyone who cheats, or someone wo enters more than once, and if I award such a person the prize because of their cheating or multiple entries I am in no way responsible to award a prize to someone else who followed the rules.

8. There will be one and only one prize winner per contest. In the event of a tie, I will choose the tie breaker by random drawing from among the tied contestants.

9. There is no entry fee for the contest. The winner may be required to pay shipping for prizes being sent to either Hawaii or Alaska.

10. In order to enter the contest, you must send me an email showing your full name, and meeting the criteria for actual contest into which you are entering. I am not responsible for emails I do not receive or that get routed to my junk mail box. You must also follow the rules for that particular contest as they will appear on my blog: Winners will be announced on my blog.

11. In order for a winner to claim a prize, winner must send me your full name, and mailing address. I may require proof of age, residence and name before I ship a prize to you. If you do not supply the required info to me within 3 days of my request you forfeit any claim to the prize. You must reply to me by the same email address by which you entered the contest.

12. I am not responsible for any prize lost, destroyed, damaged, stolen or delayed in shipment or at any other time.

13. By your entry into the contest, you agree to hold me harmless and indemnify me for any claim against you as the winner or user of a prize, or against me as the contest organizer, promoter or giver or shipper of the prize, that is directly or indirectly related to the contest or subsequent use, by anyone, of the prize won. Sorry but such is today's world in which we live - a legal nightmare.

14. The terms contest, contests, Ballseye's Firearms' Accessories Tournament and other similar terms used by me to describe the firearms accessories contest I am running, or may run, refers to each individual contest, and to the overall tournament I run using the terminology Ballseye's Firearms' Accessories Tournament (or the other terms listed above) to describe it or them singularly or as a group.

15. You are not afforded or guaranteed any rights by my offering to run a contest, by my holding a contest, or by your participation in any contest should I run one or more contests. I may cancel, stop, cease the contest(s) at any time, for any reason, change the rules at any time without prior notification, not award a prize for any reason I deem appropriate, and my decision is final.

16. If you do not agree to the above rules, and to the particular rules which will appear in my blog for any for any contest I run, you are not permitted to participate in the contest/tournament.

All the best,

Firearms' Accessories Giveaway... wait just a cotton pickin minute, I am not going to give any contest I run a name from which the acronym F.A.G. can be gotten. Sorry, no pun intended, no animosity intended either, that was the first name I thought up, and soon after I typed it above, like about a split second later, I realized the acronym in that name.

Okay, let's try another:

Gun Accessories Giveaway - Nope not that one either since that would amount to G.A.G. and this is no joke, and I hope nothing on which to choke.

Firearms' Accessories Contest - Mmm, maybe, or maybe not.

Accessories Rencounter Madness - Nah, too corny, and who in Hades would get the meaning of rencounter!

Ballseye's Firearms Accessories Tournament - okay, I like that one. BFAT, or in other words Ballseye's FAT. My wife and kids would get it, and I have it around the waist and on my neck! Well as it applies to my gun stuff, let's just say I have it there too, a bit too much extra gun stuff laying around in the basement; and soon that stuff could possibly be yours, well some of it anyhow if you are a contest winner of my new contest.

All the best,
Glenn B

I'll Be Trying Something New... at Ballseye's Boomers. It will either be a monthly or weekly thing, not quite sure yet but probably monthly as I am no millionaire. The reason that my not being a millionaire matters is that it will be a gun related giveaway, and I'll probably be supplying the items to give away and the postage for them. No I will not be giving away gun, probably not ammunition either; but I will be giving away some accessories that go well with guns, things possibly like a bottle of Hoppes, some Breakfree CLP, a cleaning kit, a holster, a gun rag (soft gun case), a silicone impregnated cloth, a bore light, and so forth.

Right now I am working on the idea, and am figuring that it will be some sort of a monthly contest (or weekly if I can afford it). If I deccide to do it for sure, I'll type up some rules in the near future and post about it most likely by this weekend. I'll likely also have the first contest up by this coming weekend.

If it looks as if the contest is going to take off, I may make arrangements to collect donations to keep it going. Anything I collect will go 100% toward the giveaway and or shipping of the prizes. I will not keep even one cent of the money. Then again, I may just keep it inexpensive and pay for it all myself. Of course it might also be nice if people would send me the cost of postage once they receive their prize. That way all I would get hit up for would be the cost of the prizes, and you would know that you are sending me exactly what it cost me to ship the item to you, well for postage anyhow. Time will tell how this works out.

For now I already have a few small items I can use as prizes. One of the first may be this nifty little cleaning kit (click on pic to view larger size) consisting of a chain bore snake, a bore brush with both brass and nylon bristles on the same brush, another nylon chamber or bore brush, a bottle for oil, and a hand held brush to clean off whatever. All of those things come in a clam shell style green case. It apparently has never been used, though I cannot claim it is new. I imagine it is military surplus and that it has laid around on a shelf somewhere for years. I got it as an unexpected bonus that came with a gun related order I placed some months back. I imagine that something like this would go well inside of a grab and go pack, or in a range bag. It would probably also be a god thing to have along on a hunting trip. The forest knows I have fallen my fair share of times while out hunting and sometimes wound up having to clean out the muzzle end of my shotgun or rifle.

More on this over the next few days.
All the best,
Glenn B