Saturday, October 20, 2012

What Is Up With The 5.56X45 62 Grain Ammo Shortage?

Sure there is plenty of .223 at 55 grains out there, but there is hardly any 5.56 62 grain NATO spec (or even close to it) available. What is available out there has gone up in price at least $40 - $50 per case over the past several months. The best price I have found, on a 1,000 round case of 62 grain 5.56X45 ammo has been $399.00 shipped.

Is this due to huge government purchases like some other calibers that DHS purchased? (I would doubt it since even foreign made brands are in short supply.) Is it because people are fearful of what I wrote about in my post immediately prior to this one, stuff like the upcoming presidential election and fear that Obama will get a second term, or worries about the Mayan calendar ending in December, or people just getting silly and preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse? (Considering the face eater in FL a couple of months back - maybe they are onto something!)

I mean - come on now folks - the sky is not falling is it - why in Hades is this ammo unavailable except for the little bit of it that is out there at these inflated prices????

Oh yeah, I forgot - maybe it is because gasoline prices are up there at well over $4 per gallon for regular. Then again, that would only explain higher prices and does not go at all to explain the shortage of this particular type of ammo.

Oh well, life under Obama sucks and I suppose that folks are preparing for another possible scary 4 years of him.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Rapture, The End of The World, The End Of Time Itself...

...may all be rapidly approaching and be much closer than most of us are willing to accept. Haven't we been getting enough clues both from ancient religions and cultures and from modern culture itself. Religion tells us of the rapture or the resurrection of Christ and the dead. It is not going to be pretty or so it has been proclaimed for this is when Christ will choose those to ascend to Heaven with him and leave others, including the risen dead, behind in great and horrible suffering. We also have a religious and cultural warning of the end of time in the form of the Mayan calendar - or so some believe (mostly they who are not Mayans). The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Does it signify the end of time? Has time run out. Are there any modern indications? We have had tremendous earthquakes over the past couple of years, droughts that last years, invasions of insects by the millions (one currently taking place in Utah now), economic failures worldwide, countries full of religious zealots bent on the destruction of other nations ad eagerly trying to acquire 'the bomb'. We even have warnings in the forms of entertainment we enjoy - from death defying pranks, to reality TV dare shows, to the biggest sensation of them all Zombie mania. If all of that were not enough, we have the 2012 presidential elections coming up in the United States of America and we have the most incompetent president ever running for reelection. Yes, he is even less competent than was Jimmy (The Failure) Carter. His agenda, disarming Americans to subjugate them, then charge them higher taxes, higher costs for electricity, higher costs for fuel, higher costs for medical insurance with less care, and to in general enslave a nation and then...who knows.

We most assuredly are headed toward the End of Days but we have the ability to change course and to delay that end and live good lives in between now and then. All we need do, as a first step, is to vote against Obama. Well, maybe we had best arm ourselves before then, and stockpile ammo and food and water and other necessary supplies because the pundits are saying if he is voted out rioting will take place because funding for the welfare state will be drastically reduced. While most of the Apocalypse stuff may be bunk and the dead are probably not about to rise and walk among us once again, with an appetite for human flesh this time round, the pundits could actually have something there, about those riots so, I am preparing just in case. I guess that means I am an optimist in more ways than one - thinking I could survive difficult times like that AND thinking those times are headed our way because Obama will be voted out! Oh happy days!

All the best,
Glenn B