Friday, August 12, 2022

Debunking That A Voter ID Requirement Is Racist

 This is not new, it was first put on Youtube in 2016. Yet, apparent liberals continue to this day to insist that a voter ID requirement would be racist against black people. Black folks though seem to have different, more logical and down to earth reality based ideas about it!
ETA: Some folks are just plain frigging idiots; it has always amazed me that college students can be so stupid and that their professors could teach them such absolute bunk. When I was in college, and yes I am patting myself on the back for it, I actually used to question my professors and keep questioning them until they gave a satisfactory answer to the actual question or admitted they would not or could not answer. That is why, when I had a 98 average in one class, the professor gave me a B-. He hated me and my questions because he came off like a super liberal jackass. I had another professor who walked into the classroom on the first day, stood up on her chair and screamed one word at the top of her lungs - that word was REVOLUTION. I got up to leave and she asked where I was going. I told her 'to the registrar's office to drop her class'. I seem to remember a couple of students giving me a secretive thumbs up. Ironically that was a Government class and yes I worked for the G for 32 years after college. I essentially told professors like them to go screw themselves and I would not allow myself to be hoodwinked by their tomfoolery. Call me an extremely skeptical cynic if you want but it was better than soaking up their spew as would a mindless dry sponge; like some of the kids seem to be in the above video.
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Just In Case Anyone Thought I Was Wrong... my post immediately prior to this one, take a look at this article about Miranda Galbreath, who reportedly is a licensed professional counselor at Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. She allegedly seems to have been, as Fox News put it, doing something I expected is happening & will continue to happen:
"A licensed sex therapist and counselor sparked backlash on social media after posting a video where she appeared to defend "minor-attracted persons.""
Fox also quoted her as having said this:
"The term pedophile has moved from being a diagnostic label to being a judgmental, hurtful insult that we hurl at people in order to harm them or slander them," Galbreath insists in the video. "I also like to use person-first language that recognizes that any label we apply to a person is only part of who they are and doesn’t represent everything that they are."
I find it absolutely abhorrent that she seems to totally disregard the pain & suffering pedophiles criminally inflict upon innocent children but then again, and not at all in her defense, I must admit this seems to be the attitude of liberal democrat leftists about almost any crimes, and toward criminals, which for whatever twisted reason they choose to defend. The attitude of people like her, is in my opinion, absolutely disgusting and to think - they allow this woman to work in a penal institution - that, I think, is truly a sad state of affairs.

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Glenn B