Friday, August 12, 2022

Debunking That A Voter ID Requirement Is Racist

 This is not new, it was first put on Youtube in 2016. Yet, apparent liberals continue to this day to insist that a voter ID requirement would be racist against black people. Black folks though seem to have different, more logical and down to earth reality based ideas about it!
ETA: Some folks are just plain frigging idiots; it has always amazed me that college students can be so stupid and that their professors could teach them such absolute bunk. When I was in college, and yes I am patting myself on the back for it, I actually used to question my professors and keep questioning them until they gave a satisfactory answer to the actual question or admitted they would not or could not answer. That is why, when I had a 98 average in one class, the professor gave me a B-. He hated me and my questions because he came off like a super liberal jackass. I had another professor who walked into the classroom on the first day, stood up on her chair and screamed one word at the top of her lungs - that word was REVOLUTION. I got up to leave and she asked where I was going. I told her 'to the registrar's office to drop her class'. I seem to remember a couple of students giving me a secretive thumbs up. Ironically that was a Government class and yes I worked for the G for 32 years after college. I essentially told professors like them to go screw themselves and I would not allow myself to be hoodwinked by their tomfoolery. Call me an extremely skeptical cynic if you want but it was better than soaking up their spew as would a mindless dry sponge; like some of the kids seem to be in the above video.
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