Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How Come They Never Dress Like This...

...when I am the range!

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NY Rated As The Worst STATE For Gun Owners

And maybe I should underline the word STATE if the caps in the title was not enough to emphasize it. Somehow the author of the Guns & Ammo piece, listing the states, said that Washington, DC (number 51 in his order) was the worst state (source). I guess maybe he follows the Barack Hussein Obama school of reasoning about how many states make up the United States of America. Obama, by implication, said there were 60 states when he said he had visited 57 of them, with one left to go and that Alaska and Hawaii had not been visited because they were off limits to him. To me that sure seems to add up to 60.

Anyway, we all know there are 50 states and as you can see in the article - NY is listed as number 50 or as the worst STATE for gun owners. Sadly, my wife will not move away from his hellhole of super liberal leftists, rights & liberties disregarding politicians and bureaucrats, and out and out tyrannical un-American government.

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Glenn  B

A Pink Gun... more or less what I would have thought would be the choice of a gal with pink hair. Then again, there is no accounting for tastes or so they say.

Anyway, I didn't post a pic like that here to talk about fashion tastes. I only posted that image here for firearms safety educational purposes, I mean - why else would I put a pic like that here! Thus you probably also will note yes she does have her finger on the trigger, when she shouldn't, but let's for once overlook that to look at how much finger she has on it. It's way too much booger finger on the trigger. The next time you shoot pistol (or rifle or shotgun think about how much of your finger you usually use when performing that other delicate task of booger removal from your always tender nostrils. Respect the trigger of any firearm at least as much as you normally would do with your nostrils and you will likely wind up having he right amount of finger on the trigger - that is at least if you have normal sized nostrils and normal nostril to finger width ratios.

All you really want, in most instances, is the center of the finger pad, to maybe a tad closer to the first joint of the finger, to be on the center of the trigger on the horizontal plane. You do not want the first joint fold or further down (in toward the hand) on the finger to be on the trigger. More on that here but be warned it's a rather long old post of mine.

You can also watch the video I have in that blog; it's a long video but I mention where to start if you just want to see the part about trigger finger placement. You might enjoy the whole thing though - it is pretty amazing for several very different reasons such as great marksmanship and really terrible range safety or lack of it during the trick shooting. In all it is pretty amusing.

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Glenn B