Monday, September 17, 2007

O.J. Simpson Has Me... (foul language alert for this post)

....ROTFLMAO. His escapades are apparently often of a criminal nature, and those usually are of a serious criminal nature at that, and are otherwise apparently often of a controversial nature, but I just cannot help laughing when I hear about them. I guess I laugh if only because of the shit he, in my opinion, apparently gets away with at the expense of a society that has become a magnet for his type. What is his type? I think he is of the type of village idiot sort of a criminal who thinks along the lines of "Do I look like I give a flying fuck about anyone else, or for that matter about myself and my lack of common sense". Think about it folks, why did he not just do the right thing and go to the police with his suspicions about his alleged property being in the hands of someone else illegally! Because maybe he truly is the village idiot, and maybe he is truly a criminal at that. Time and the courts will tell, I suppose.

For now though, all of the networks, all of the cable television news shows, all of the paid yentas, will be having a blast with his latest arrest for an alleged criminal act in which he possibly threatened or conspired to threaten someone by way of life threatening physical force, in order to reclaim (or was it out and out steal) items he said belonged to himself. I would rather not have to be subjected to all of this media feeding frenzy again about the antics and escapades of O.J. Simpson has been football star, who seems to me to now be turned into a wanna be notorious bumbling gangsta. Nor do I want to hear O.J.'s blabbering about 'If I really had done it, this is how I would have done it' bullshit explanation of his side of the story. Nor do I need to hear from the so called 'police matters expert' Mark Furman again on anything to do about criminal acts because as far as I can tell he too is a laughing stock. I especially do not need to hear from him about OJ when he testilied testified about never having said the word "nigger" evil 'N' word. I mean how ridiculous an answer was that while under oath in a courtroom, when others could easily prove him to be almost as big a liar as apparently (to me anyhow) was/is OJ. When I hear about this latest alleged OJ caper, or about the book OJ wrote on the subject of the last caper, on the news, I want to puke on my television. When I hear Furman talking about what he would have done as a police officer, or saying what police officers should have done, in this or any other criminal case, I want to give him a proverbial kick in the pants. When I realize that it is Fox News using him as a consultant, I almost want to stop watching Fox News and instead switch to CNN (yech) or the BBC, or maybe just never watch the so called news again. Fox almost makes CNN or the BBC seem like fine upstanding Meccas of truth, in the area of news reporting, when it lowers itself into the gutter by using Furman as a consultant.

I just imagine a world in which apparently moronic inept criminals alleged criminals like OJ would have been convicted based upon the facts instead of being exonerated because of, what seemed to me to be, sentiment of a racist public, ineptitude on behalf of prosecutors and investigators, and court room shenanigans of defense attorneys and the defendant. Of course, in a better world, at least in one of my imagination: I see the likes of heinous criminals like murderers (and I am not necessarily calling anyone a murderer here although I think OJ got away with murder) receiving a fair trial, and upon conviction receiving a harsh sentence. A punishment of being horse whipped in public (many times), then executed also in public the first time around (just one necessary time if it works) sounds better to me than what many receive today.

I also imagine that same world to be one in which - in my opinion - moronic lying piece of shit police officers guys like Mark Furman would be charged with and convicted of perjury (if indeed they committed perjury), then horsewhipped and incarcerated (if indeed found guilty), and then disgraced so that the only expert job they could find upon release form prison would be at a burger joint flipping burgers, or in a field picking lettuce, for the rest of their miserable lives (and such folks would be required to accept those jobs).

I also imagine a news media that fairly, and without bias, reports the facts of the news without commentary, leaving the commentary for shows other than 'the news'. Just think of how much more news they would be able to fit into a one hour show. Heck, people might actually have a clue about what was going on in the world if that was the case.

Oh well, one can dream of alternate and possibly better worlds in which to live; and now I will now shut up on the subject and go back to dreaming of greener pastures and nicer worlds, with fewer heinous or moronic criminals, in which to live.

All the best,
Glenn B

So There I sat...

... in a metal folding chair, at a table, in my driveway, for most of yesterday. My garage sale was open for business around 10:30 Am, and I shut down around 5:30 Pm. Let me get this right out of the way, the ustomers were not flocking to my humble abode to see what I had for sale. I think I brought in $148. Fifty of that went to pay for a garage sale ad I put in the newspaper, the rest was profit on things I would have otherwise given away, thrown out, or just left in my garage for years. Apparently I would have done better on Saturday had it not rained that day, Sunday turned out to be the same day that a local street fair was being held, and most people in the area who were out and about were at that, leaving me to sit on my butt alone for most of the day.

Still though I guess $98 profit is not bad for doing almost nothing. In fact I was encouraged and may try this again before the cold weather sets in. I learned a few things from customers about how to attract customers, and the first was not to use an ad in the paper. The second was to continue to use Craig's List, and the third was to make sure to post fliers all around the neighborhood on light poles, telephone poles, in supermarkets, and so forth. I will make sure to try that last one next time. Oh well, I guess I have more experience buying at them, than I do selling, but I am learning.

All the best,
Glenn B