Friday, February 28, 2014

The Wife And The Daughter Are Off To Milwaukee...

...even if it is only a stopover and plane change for them on their way to Las Vegas. I am stuck at home with my mother-in-law,  7 dogs and all my other critters. My son will be around too. I may be going out with him tonight for burgers and a few ciders.

My wife and daughter are making a weekend trip to Vegas and I am hoping that at least one of them comes home rich. That would be nice, very nice. I handled their bookings and got them flights on Southwest and reservations at New York, NY. I hope it is a nice hotel since I made the reservations, it will make up for years ago when I booked Circus-Circus for the family - what a dump was it. We all agreed we thought we were staying in a rundown dump in downtown San Salvador at the time. Anyway, I am guessing this time will be a lot nicer. Oh if only the MIL was not here, I could envision an all night poker game in the basement.

All the best,
Glenn  B