Monday, October 24, 2022

It's Not The Best Quality Photograph By Far...

 ...but there are several things I like about the shot & the subject matter of it:

I like that I took this particular photo when I did so a few long moments ago. Next, I like the fact it is within my son's house home. Another thing I like about the picture is that it shows a really excellent bier, one I cannot believe I have emptied without yet getting up to grab the last one in my son's beer fridge. I also like the Grateful Dead 'Steal Your Face' sticker on the laptop (a gift from my son - the sticker not the hardware. Of course, now that I've mentioned hardware, I had best say I like the pic within the pic of the blued steel and wood hardware and I like that piece very much. It's a Colt Detective Special made in 1971; it's up for auction (not saying where because I do not need you bidding against me). Next is the computer itself, I lie my refurbished HP Z Book quite a bit - it is an improvement over my previous laptops. Then there is the pheasant head mount; I got that at a auction and I love it even though a bit of its beak was chipped off before I procured it.  The aloe plant is pretty cool too. Add to that the wood Venetian blinds and last but certainly not least is the string of incandescent bulbs running along the width of the blinds (you can only see one bulb in the pic) that is throwing off what they call soft white light but that I have always seen as yellow light kind of like what you see when you look at the sun just a lot mellower. Wait a minute - one more thing - the shot is out of kilter just a bit and I like that too because it is how I feel right about now - a bit out of kilter in as much as the bier is empty and it is motivating me  because I am thirsty. So here I go, way overdue, to go grab myself that last Paulaner Munchen Oktoberfest Marzan bier.

All the best,
Glenn B