Saturday, September 22, 2012

Muslims Now Want An International Anti-Blasphemy Law - What Are We To Come To Next?

I am willing to bet, and mind you the following is all my estimation, my opinion and my guesswork that:

Many nations of the world will actually offer serious consideration to Muslim demands for an International Anti-Blasphemy Law (and mind you only anti-blasphemy against Islam) and among them will be at least several to many non-Muslim nations. Let's face it folks, it is time to wake up to the teachings of Islam, Muslims intend to conquer the world. True, they have not made many demands on the world community as of yet but they have started to do so and this is just the latest of such demands. Why would they start now? Let's face this too, they have the bomb and more than one of them (in Pakistan, the country that shielded Osama bin Laden and is a Taliban stronghold) and it looks promising another Muslim nation, Iran, will also soon have nuclear weapons capability as the USA, Europe, and Israel all dawdle over how to handle the Iranians while they happily fire up their reactors.

In fact, the Pakistani government is so immersed in all of this that it has been reported that a Pakistani Government Minister has offered a $100,000.00 reward for the murder of the person who made the video / film Innocence of Muslims. That same minister reportedly also said that anyone responsible for blasphemy deserves death (source). Think about that for a moment, and bear in mind that to Muslims "There is no God but Allah...", so if you come right out and tell a Muslim that Jesus is God, or that Yahweh is God, or that Vishnu is God, you have in effect committed blasphemy against Islam. So, it is about time that you should realize, Pakistan is not an ally but a bitter enemy of America, of freedom of speech, of freedom of religion, of Christianity, of Hinduism, of Judaism, of Buddhism, of Taoism and of any other religion you can think of and of any nation in the world that is not Islamic. 

Not sure of that yet because you are saying, hey - that minister was only the minister of railways in Pakistan and you bet he was not authorized by the Pakistani government to offer the reward. Well think again. Take just another moment, in fact take minutes, hours and even days to think about what what happened when Pakistan declared "A Day of Love" so there could be peaceful protests of the above mentioned film while at about the same moment the Prime Minister of Pakistan reportedly said: "... an attack on Islam's founder was "an attack on the whole 1.5 billion Muslims." " (source).

Is there any wonder that the Muslims of Pakistan and other Muslim nations broke out in violent riots resulting in scores of deaths and injuries and that they are calling for the destruction of the USA. The PRIME MINISTER of Pakistan just said, in essence as I see it, that all 1.5 billion Muslims have been attacked by way of that film that was made in America. How is it he has such audacity. Is it because Pakistan has nukes and because, President Barack Hussein Obama bends over backwards to kiss the ass of the Muslim world.

Bear in mind, Pakistan is supposed to be our ally in the war on terror. (Whoops sorry President Obama, I forgot I am not allowed to say "war on terror" anymore. Now that I think of it though, I am retired from government service and now and can say what I want, so yes it is a WAR ON TERROR.) Regardless of their so called allied status with us, they have seemingly: shielded the Taliban and given them refuge since shortly after 9/11, shielded Osama Bin Laden and gave him refuge for several years, fueled the fire of anti-Americanism among the Muslims not only of their own nation but of all Muslims nations and Muslims everywhere as well. Do you really need more to think about to come to the realization that Pakistan is an enemy of the United States of America and of all freedom loving peoples?

When are our so called leaders going to realize that it is the Muslims against the rest of the world. They are already starting to spout such rhetoric (no not our leaders, the Muslims) and they are doing it with brazen indifference as to what might be the consequences. That is about the greatest indication to me that Iran is probably closer to having nuclear weapons than anyone suspects but that is pretty much gut feeling guesswork on my part. If I turn out to be right, and even if I am wrong, what does it matter. Iran will have them sooner than soon enough and then we will be facing at least two Muslim nations with nukes and who knows to how many others they will then export them. It will not be more than 5 years away, at most, that one of those countries nukes Israel if that long, or maybe even nukes the USA. I think - much sooner. Then what? World War III or will President Obama just apologize and surrender.

Could we not avoid it all, could we not end it relatively much sooner? How? Could we not end all, and I mean every penny's worth, of any type of aid to Islamic nations overnight? If that does not work within a few months, could we, with Israel and at least some of our other allies nuke Iran's nuclear facilities, and then threaten to nuke Pakistan and end it right then and there? Would there not be a definite turn of events and would it not be one in which the world would see an end to continued protests of America, of Europe, of Freedom of Speech and Freedom Of religion taking place in the Muslim world. Can we not bring them to their knees now or a year or two from now and then it thus not be too late to save us from either conversion or death at their hands? Or is it too late already, are our heads destined for the chopping block? You decide! Are you going to wake up and demand our leaders take immediate action against Islam to fight, to protect us and all freedom loving nations and people, in the war against terror or not? Islam, in its current form, is the enemy - that can be no plainer or simpler as I see it.

All the best,
Glenn B


Summer's Last and Fall's First Partial Day, Soon To Be The Skeeters' Last Day

Today has been not all that much different than yesterday and probably will prove to have been not all that much different than tomorrow. Yet, the seasons have changed and I have to say that Fall has definitely been in the air around my way. Right now its a cozy and mostly cloudy day with a temp of 74 degrees Fahrenheit, the breeze is blowing from the south at about 16 mph with gust up to 24 mph and my wind chimes are chiming in every couple to few seconds. They are a little heavier weight than some and the music they make is a bit subdued and deeper toned than from most similar chimes I have ever owned. It is nice and I am enjoying it. I was outside a little while ago with all 7 degs (not a misspelling that's what we call em sometimes). Not a miscalculation either. Right now all 5 of ours are here and so too are both of my future son in law and daughter's degs. I think they enjoy the fall weather, well the early to mid fall weather, as much as do I.

It always amazes me, it happened last night, just out of the blue and into the black by around 8PM or so. The days certainly have shortened considerably from even a month ago let alone since the last day of spring back in June. So far the temps and the daylight have both give up quite a bit. About the only thing that has not lessened is the daily attack by those little whirring vampire wanna-be's that just live to suck your blood and breed. Man, the mosquitoes have been hot and heavy this year, worse than last year. I have noticed not only that they have gotten worse but that my assessment, from last year, of the types we have around here was correct. We have a new kid on the block in the skeeter department, Tiger Mosquitoes. Now, I am none to sure that is their real name, but I am guessing it is. When I was in Haiti in 1998, we were told that not only were there a lot of mosquitoes to get you at night and that the ones that got you at night carried malaria but there were also another species during the day that transmitted Dengue fever. They were described as being black with gray stripes (or gray with black stripes) and not only voracious for blood but as being mosquitoes that dove right at you without that incessant flying and whirring around for any amount of time. Well, last year, I noticed that the mosquitoes around here were doing just that. I took a good look at one and guess what, yep gray and black striped. Not quite as big as the ones I recall from Haiti but very similar in appearance and habits. If I remember correctly, the ones in Haiti supposedly came from japan. I figure if they could survive in japan, then Haiti, they sure could make it in New York. I probably should do some checking to see what kind the ones around here are, but for now I just call them Tiger Mosquitoes. Even my brother-in-law in Queens, a borough of NY City, commented on them to me recently. He too noted their marking and their habit of coming right in at you at full speed and then just harpooning you in broad daylight. While they are out in the daytime, most of them, along with most of all the other types here, come out at twilight - just like vampires.

Just a little longer for all of them to be about. One frosty night and that is usually it for them. They will definitely all be gone after one freeze. It is amazing their eggs survive the winter but obvious that they do so. Last night, I was literally buzzed back into my house after sitting outside for about 10 minutes just after dusk. I did not get bitten too many times, maybe 5 or 6 that I know of and all of those on my left hand. It seemed that for some reason, last evening, my left hand was an extremely attractive feeding spot, go figure. I slapped em all almost immediately, so luckily did not see more than one bite mark/bump after they bit me. I will be happy to be rid of these little blood sucking buggers to be sure.

All the best,
Glenn B