Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Had I Ever Done 1/10th of One Percent Of What Clinto Did...

...during my 32 years of government service as a federal agent and law enforcement officer, I would have been investigated, probably arrested, probably convicted, definitely fired and assuredly never again been able to obtain a security clearance for federal employment. Yet, this bitch is running for the presidency and if she wins, she will have access to the most secure of government intelligence and information. The security of our nation, for which she seemingly has little to no regard, will depend on her. Folks we are in the worst way I have ever seen this country; worse by far than when George W. Bush was president, worse than under Carter and probably about to be worse than having Obama in the White House.

I am not a religious man, not by a long shot but I have to pray that if there is a God, a Force, A Supreme Power, a Mother Nature, a Divine Being or whatever - that it help us now in this dark hour. What was it, just a few days ago that Bill Clinton's plane miraculously and coincidentally landed right next to Attorney General Loretta Lynch's plane in Phoenix and that suddenly (as I heard reported) the FBI or maybe it was the SS (Secret Service not the other SS) had reporters stop filming, ordered all cameras and audio recorders shut off, ordered everyone except the AG off of the Attorney General's plane and further access was denied to the AG's plane for all except herself and Clinton for a secret meeting! Now today we wind up with this.

Yes, I know that Lynch claimed they talked about their grandchildren and golf and nothing else, especially not anything to do with the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton. I also know that Lynch said it looked bad and she would never do something like that again like as if saying 'oh shame on me for being so foolish but nothing to worry about but this time I got away with it'. I also know she then swore she would not, repeat WOULD NOT, in any manner shape of form influence the FBI investigation and suddenly, just days after her meeting with Billy boy, Hillary Clinton is exonerated by the FBI of all criminal wrong doing!

Maybe you believe the Attorney General and all she said about it but then I suppose you believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, Hobbits and that Hitler was a sweetheart. Me, I am jut a bit cynical as to anything anyone involved in this has to say about it, especially the Attorney General, Bill Clinton or the politically appointed head of the FBI. I think Loretta Lynch is lying out of her ass while sticking that ass in America's face. She, I think, is absolutely useless as Attorney General and her uselessness is only surpassed by that of the FBI director and Obama.

All the best,
Glenn B