Sunday, December 10, 2017

Light Posting Anticipated

I will be working all this week and thst is okay by me because I can use the cash. I may be working full time, more or less, for the next month or more because someone quit and I will be covering until they find a replacement. I would say thank goodness except in this case it came about because of someone else's misfortune. Still though, I am grateful for the work when I need it. Because I will be working full time for awhile, I imagine my blogging will be very limited but I will try to blog at least a few days each week.

Now to get some chores done, like: do my laundry, attend to my critters,  clean some guns, put a rifle or three up for sale, find out which rifle of mine is missing a bolt I cannot identify, vacuum the basement, clean out the trunk of my car, and whatever else I can do to appease the wife by my being busy. Then I will put seeds in the bird feeders and also enjoy a fine German bier.

All the best,

Kindness Rebuked

After reading this article about a donut shop being shamed by the LGBT community (or whatever they call themselves today) I immediately thought of my post 'Kindness'. My words in that post could not be more true.

Merry Christmas except to you whining snowflakes who fill the world with vitriol.

Al the best,
Glenn B