Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Hunting I Will Go, A Hunting I will Go...

High Ho The Merry Yo A Hunting I will Go - NOT! I had planned to be hunting this weekend, even if by myself but it looks like today is out. I have to go to visit my my in the rehab center, then off to my sister's house to help her pack. We will be packing some of my mom's things because she will be going to live at an Assisted Living Home (long story best not told here but suffice it to say this will be best, and an Assisted Living Home is more like a hotel with most of the amenities than it is like a nursing home). We figure to pack some things that will give her room there a personal touch - family photos, knick-knacks, and such. I suppose it will be a long day, about an 85 mile drive to my sister's place - thank goodness the rehab center is on the way there.

So no hunting for me today, and no other blogging until maybe tonight. If I go hunting tomorrow - no blogging then either.

All the best,
Glenn B