Sunday, February 5, 2017

That Was One Heck Of A Game

Did not win a penny but have to say what a friggin comeback. A truly amazing effort by the Patriots and a truly disgusting choke by the Falcons.

My son had a little more luck than me, he hit a reverse for a little bit of a return on what he bet. Oh well, maybe next year we will hit a big box.

All the best, 

Five Seconds From 13K...

...and those bastards the Pats had to score a field goal and ruin my night right before the end of the first half!

Never figured to win a penny but they had me wishful for the last couple of minutes of the half.

Later 4 U,
Glenn B

All That Ammo Here There And Everywhere

Down in the dungeon basement again and I've preparing to move some more furniture to paint more of the basement floor. As I've been doing that, I've come across several boxes of ammo that were laying here and there, just about everywhere. Maybe even a few more than several. Funny how the amount of ammo you have can build up over time when you buy it now and then and then don't put it away because there is no more room in the designated put away places. I guess I have not been shooting nearly as much I could have been shooting and that I, like many others, have been hoarding some ammo because of  the current political climate and the slow but sure decimation of our rights, especially the RKBA.

That's 5,050 rounds, most of which I had not inventoried before. Note that
the prices shown on the 9mm Magtech ammo is not what I paid, I got that
lot ammunition at a Hessney Auction at a price much more to my liking.

The picture is of what I found around the man cave and I am not quite sure that is all of the stuff that was not where it belonged. Not that it was anywhere unsafe where stored, it was just here and there and everywhere sort of like "Savoir-Faire is everywhere". Hopefully, I have found it all but something has me doubting that.

Finding it though has reminded me I have to update my ammo inventory. That could take me the better part of a day and since the big game starts in about 3 hours or less - later for the inventory. That also reminds me, I have to get mine arse to my closest local gin mill wherein I have a box, so I can get my numbers. They are only going to pick them at 530 (yeah, kind of late to be picking the numbers but I am hoping they still have one more box open for me anyway).

For now though, I am resuming the search for more ammo and commencing the movement of the furniture so I can do some more painting tomorrow.

Enjoy the game.

All the best,