Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday In Florida...

...was pretty good. I visited my uncle for a few hours. We went out to Duffy's Sports bar in West Palm Beach for lunch and spent some time in his condo just BSing. After that, I drove up to Jupiter to scope out the area in the hopes of finding someplace to eat on Friday night with my cousin Sandie. When I got there, I soon realized I had lost a set of keys. I called the last place I was at, a store in WPB, and they said yes my keys were there. So, I turned around, drove back there and picked them up. Seems I dropped them in the parking lot and luckily for me someone found them and brought them into the store. Then I drove back to Jupiter to Sandie's apartment. We went out for dinner to Guanabana's in Jupiter where we started with a drink and then moved onto dinner. They had a band playing songs from my youthful days, thing by the Doors, the Eagles, The Grateful Dead and that was just fine by me. The service was excellent and the food delicious. We started with two orders of steamers, some of the best clams I have ever tasted - the flavor was the strongest of any clams I have ever eaten and as fresh as if just plucked out of the sands of the beach minutes before they were steamed and set on our table. We moved onto a main course of two orders of Spiny Lobster fried in a batter with macadamia nuts and coconut. I usually am not very fond of fried seafood but have to admit it was delicious. 

After that we stopped at two other local watering holes and had a few drinks before heading back to Sandie's place for a bit where we just talked about our lives and our families for a bit.

I just got back to my room at Holiday Inn and found out that while my Friday was truly excellent, my Saturday was a bit off kilter. My room had not been cleaned by the hotel maid service. When I inquired as to why, at the front desk, I was told that because the maid saw the do not disturb sign on my door on Friday morning yet, you may recall from my last post, she banged on the door anyway at 0805 on Friday. The desk clerk, on Saturday morning at 0200, told me the maid did not want to come back and knock again and disturb me so they never cleaned my room. The truth is the sign was off of the door by 1000 AM and that left plenty of time for them to clean my room. I think they were just out and out lazy. I surely will not stay at this Holiday Inn ever again, it has proven itself a dive.

Oh well, probably off to Daytona Beach tomorrow if I can drag my butt out of bed early enough, so enough jabbering from me,  need to get some sleep.

All the best,