Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Not So Great White Hunter...

...looked far:

...then looked wide:

...but all he saw amounted to the byproduct of a lump on a log and...

...a warning of what would happen should he devour them.

 Man, was it hot as hell for deer hunting considering he was dressed for colder weather. As for that deer, for all the hunter knew, the deer died of heatstroke and this was all that remained after just a few hours in the sun. The hunt started off at about 34 degrees F on Saturday morning, the first day of the regular deer season in Texas. Then the temp went up almost 30 degrees to 63 (in the shade) and probably several degrees warmer in the sun. The hunter hunted a few hours in the morning, saw  total of a single deer hoof print. He had to find a place with more sign at least; so, he moved to another place in the same WMA - one he had scouted last week. At the second place, he saw a lot of deer tracks, a couple of scrapes and some Raisinets deer droppings but that was it. The only wildlife the hunter saw were crows - a lot of them, and some sort of weird looking frog. It seemed the crows were following him as he walked through the woods; he got to thin king maybe they weren't crows, maybe they were vultures seeing a potential opportunity.

The hunter sat down and rested his aching back (great time for the back to act up) and passed out in the mid afternoon sun. He awoke maybe an our at most later and was hot as hell and sweaty. He decided to call it quits. He'll be back at it in December when it should be somewhat cooler. Being dressed for 34 degrees, then winding up in the sixties was too much for him even though he took off almost everything he had been wearing to stay warm earlier. He's going to have to get used to it if he stays in TX.

All the best,
Glenn B