Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ballseye's Firearms Accessories Tournament - Contest 2

Okay folks, this is it: Ballseye's Firearms Accessories Tournament - Contest 2. To enter this contest, follow all rules that are listed within this particular blog post, and all rules found in the right hand column of my blog page under the header: Ballseye's Firearms' Accessories Tournament Rules (yes this is a clickable link to those rules).

This time around the prize for the winner of this contest will be a ClearI 4x32 Range estimating Scope (that is what it is called on the outside of the box anyway). This fine nice piece of shooting optics was manufactured in China (where else?) and distributed in the good old U.S. of A. by Clearview Investments, Inc. of Versailles, KY. Yes that is it in the pic to the above. It comes as is, which right now is as new in the box, but no guarantee or warranty from me, and no accounting as to what may take place in shipping - though I will try to package it well.

In order to enter this contest, Ballseye's Firearms Accessories Tournament Contest 2, please send me an email telling me your best guess as to how many boxes of ammunition are contained within the trunk today November 6, 2008 as pictured in the photo of the trunk in this blog post. The person coming closest to the actual amount of boxes of ammunition within the trunk (as in the trunk today, as counted by me today, and regardless of any change to the number of boxes after today) will be the winner. See general rules in sidebar to right regarding ties and other important information. You must be 18 or older to enter this contest, and I will require a copy of government issued photo ID be emailed to me (such as copy of driver's license) by the winner in order to claim this prize. If you do not comply with that and all other rules you are ineligible to win the prize, but they should be pretty easy to comply with. General Rules: Ballseye's Firearms' Accessories Tournament Rules. Winner will be selected and announced on or about ThanksGiving Day 2008. You can enter the contest up until 10:00 AM EST on Thanksgiving 2008 (U.S. Thanksgiving).

Hopefully I will be holding these contests the first week of every month, but look more often because I may also hold another contest at mid-month now and then.

Good luck,
Glenn B