Thursday, October 31, 2013

Anonymous Halloween Post

Someone, who shall remain anonymous, sent me an email, about plans for scoring some chocolate today, which is Halloween. Now, I do not know if the anonymous emailer had this plan or if another person of anonymity had it but you can read it here and see the pic that accompanied it. Probably good that the Anon, whose plan it was, heeded his wife's advice!

"To all,
What was I to do? 
To me, its not Halloween, it is one of the 365 Days of Chocolate.  But...I'm taller than I used to be and can't walk up to someone's door and yell "trick or treat!"   It just doesn't work for me anymore.
What to to get chocolate...?
And then it came to me.  Follow the lead of our illustrious leader.  BHO came up with an idea of having everyone send money to him in the way of calling it "free health care".  But how did he do that? 
By force.            ...what a great idea!!!
So...I dressed up (photo enclosed), prepared to go to the end of the street and start by visiting my good friend Bill, and then showed my wife.  For some strange reason, she thought it was a bad idea.
She is wiser than I so I stayed home and ate all the M&M's since the children never came.
Happy Day of Chocolate!!!

I love it.

All the best,

Exploding Whale - A Blast FromThe Past

This is great even if it didn't work out quite how it was expected to have done but then again neither was Moby Dick all that predictable!

All the best,

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OK, So I Am Once Again A Certified Glock Armorer...

...or at least will be certified once I receive my training certificate. Now what? 

Anyway, I passed the course with flying colors and am again a Glock Armorer. The class was great and we had a truly excellent instructor. Heck, I even got some Glock swag for attending the and participating in class. As far as participation went, I go the swag once because I answered a question right, that had been posed by the instructor, and another time because I admitted I had a brain fart and put the slide on the frame without putting the barrel back into the slide first. Talk about being embarrassed but I got a really nice Glock patch for that when the instructor used the pistol I was using in the practical exercises to demonstrate to the class what a knucklehead can accomplish and how easy it is to correct it.

Now that I am again a Glock Armorer, where in Hades New York State will I be able to find a job wherein those skill can be utilized? That is the big question!

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Do You Think This Is What Joe Biden Had In Mind...

...when he told women to arm themselves with shotguns. I think not but I like it if this is the result of what he said.

All the best,
Glenn B

My Glock Armorers' Certification...

....expired in June - shame on me for letting it lapse until now. To remedy that, I will be attending a Glock Armorers' school in the near future, like in the very near future, as in tomorrow. I was going to stay overnight at a hotel near the training facility but decided that since it is in NJ, I might be better off just driving down in the morning, taking the class and skedaddling back home without delay once the class is over. NJ is a state much like NY it its anti-gun rabidity and I am none too familiar with all of the laws there and do not want to get hung up over something minor that winds upon being a big deal there - should I be stopped by a local constable or whomever on my drive there or back again. I have taken precautions against inadvertently breaking some law relative to firearms while there. I am confidently sure that I have cleaned all of the ammo out of my vehicle, I say that with 99.9999 percent certainty. I checked three times and could find none - I especially searched high and low for stray hollow point rounds. I am also certain, to the same degree, that the pistol I will have on my person is allowed under NJ state law and the ammunition, while possibly banned under NJ law, is allowed under federal law by which I am covered (that law would be LEOSA and its amendment). So I should be good to go but I do not want to tempt the fates by being in NJ any longer than is necessary.

Of course, I could travel 100 miles into NJ and back without carrying a sidearm for protection but I feel that would be foolish considering the crime rates in both NY and NJ. So I will carry and it will be legal for me to do so. Anyway, since I will be taking the Glock Armorers' course, even if I did not carry my own gun, it could be possible that someone in NJ might deem it appropriate to arrest me because I certainly will be in possession of a pistol while in that class even if it is one supplied by Glock for training purposes. Could you imagine that! Luckily, being that I am covered by LEOSA, I am able to possess semi-automatic pistols in all 50 states. (Or is that in all 57 states, Mr. President?) I really do not foresee any problems but if my back cloud follows me, who can tell.

I have been sick as a dog for the past two weeks with a cold or flu or whatever (hoping it is not Lyme disease again since I was bitten by a tick a couple of weeks before I got ill). I am not completely over it yet but have slept so much over the past several days (for example I slept about 16 hours, on and off, yesterday), that I now feel so much better than I had been feeling. So, I figure that I should be up to the trip over the course of a single day instead of going tonight and wasting money in a hotel - I hope so anyway. I plan to be up by about 0415 and to depart by 0500. I have to be there by 0800 and its only just over a 2 hour trip but you never know with traffic in either the Tyranny State or the Toxic Waste Dump State - so I am giving myself 3 hours to make a 2 hour 15 minute trip.

Wish me luck on my travels.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, October 28, 2013

NY SAFE Act - A Safe Bet To Lose Revenue For The State

Yet another company has announced that it is leaving the Empire State upon the realization that the only empire possible within the state is the one led by the state's tyrannical governor and his vile henchmen. While NY state was once viewed as a great place to commence an enterprise, it has not been business friendly for many years - that mostly due to high taxation. Then there are the overburdening rules an regulations for businesses in NY. My guess would be that NY is surely within the top 5 states that restrict business operations of those in the so called free market, maybe the top 2 and maybe even number 1. Over the years, since my childhood, NY has lost hundreds if not thousands of businesses due to it high tax rates and its voluminous business regulations and restrictions. Add to that the most recent cog in the wheel and NY is limping along, losing yet another type of business - firearms manufacturers, distributors and importers.

American Tactical Imports (ATI) has announced that is will be departing NY and relocating to  Dorchester County, South Carolina. The move is expected to generate 100 jobs in the Summerville, NC area. It would stand to reason that the same, or a similar, amount of jobs will be lost in NY due to the move which is being described by ATI founder and president Tony DiCahrio as something that "...will help ensure a s0olid foundation for our company,"
He also said: "The people of South Carolina have welcomed ATI with open arms and we are excited about making our new corporate home there." (source)

You can bet that Mr. DiChario and his company did not feel welcome here in the Empire State under the tyrannical grip of Emperor Andrew Cuomo and his lackeys, not at least since the midnight enactment of the NY SAFE Act.

ATI is not the only company to pull up stakes and get out of NY due to the SAFE Act. KAHR arms recently moved from NY to PA - PA being a much more RKBA friendly state (source). The message that the departing companies are sending is clear:

My bet would be that others may follow soon such as Kimber and Remington.

All the best,
Glenn B

Read more here:

"When Injustice Becomes Law,

...Resistance Becomes Duty. "

The time for resistance, to laws filled with injustice, is now for our nation is rife with such laws and finds itself under a tyrant who espouses only more such tyranny.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lou Reed March 2, 1942 - October 27, 2013 - He Took A Walk On The Wild Side

Lou Reed, influential rock singer, has died at the age of 71 from undisclosed liver related ailments (he had a liver transplant this past spring). He was known to be a heavy drinker and doper. While considered to be one of the most influential rock and roll personas of the genre, I can name only one song I know that he sang (bad on names, what can I say). Instead of naming it though, here it is, it is a good one - one of my favorite all time songs even if it is about transvestite hookers in NYC. Lou Reed surely did walk on the wild side and will not soon be forgotten.

All the best,
Glenn B

Today In History - New Orleans' Axeman Kills Last Known Victim

Now here is one that I have never heard of before - The Axeman of New Orleans. Seems that from may 22, 1918 through October 27, 1919, a person or persons unknown, killed at least seven people and wounded several others in and around New Orleans. The attacks were all attributed to the mysterious and elusive Axeman who was never captured. More about him here:

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Gals In The Border Patrol...

...almost never looked like this one during the four years that I was a Border Patrol Agent! They were few and far between back then and most of them, that I saw, were rather thick and fugly and dare I say it - a bit mannish. Well, there was one back then, a blonde like the gal in the photo, although she outdid this one hands down - just never got to see her quite like this:

Things sure have changed since I was a BPA!

All the best,
Glenn B

I've Been That Hard-up Before...

...but if I found myself doing what the guy in the article did for something like Spoors Coors or Budwiper Budweiser, I might have to turn myself in to AA without delay. Now if it was Ommegang Abbey Ale or Mckenzies Reserve Seasonal Cider or Paulaner Hefe Weisse, well  - I might have gotten myself a little bit charred.

See: Georgia man runs into burning home to get beer 

Got to hand it to him though, at least he made sure they got all the kids out first. Also loved the part about him walking with a cane but running for his beer!

All the best,
Glenn B

The Creeping Crud Has Been Creeping Around On My Arm

Went to the doc on Thursday. I had been sick since last Wednesday with fairly bad cold or flu like symptoms or even Lyme disease symptoms (I know them too well having had it twice). The most recent included: aches and pains for a week, bloody congestion, feeling exhausted all the time, sore throat, stiff neck and a terrible headache on and off that then lasted a couple of days mid week.

Then I went to see my doc but not as much because of those symptoms, nor due to the fact that I had  fevers, for a few hours each day Monday through Wednesday, but because once I got the fevers I realized I had also developed a red blotch on my arm right where I had gotten IV contrast for a CT Scan last week.

There had been a little red bump on my arm at that spot for a week. Pretty normal after I get an IV. Then it got a bit redder on Monday and blossomed on Tuesday to maybe the size of a quarter and by Wednesday night was the size around of an egg but very uneven. Sure looked like an infection but did not hurt, just burned a bit and I was too sick to make it to the doc on Wednesday.

The doc figured my arm was infected, she also said my sinuses were infected and prescribed Augmentin in 1,000 mg pills. I started taking that Thursday night. Last night, I noticed that the red blotch had enlarged with a three inch long stalk moving up my arm from just above the crotch of my elbow and ending in a little blob about the size of a quarter. The redness had also expanded a bit both out laterally and down my arm. This is how it looked today.

So, I called the doc's service today as her office was closed. She had her service call me back to tell me to get mine arse to the ER right away. I spent about 3 1/2 hours in the ER this afternoon. By some stroke of luck, probably because the full moon already passed recently, the place was almost empty. I was called inside to see a doc within 15-20 minutes or so. They took two blood cultures from a hole that they had stuck an IV tube through. The tube was in preparation for later to come IV antibiotics.

They also did a chest X-ray (because I had been coughing up blood, and because I had the fevers earlier in the week, they figured maybe pneumonia as well as the infection on my arm). Then they took more blood for another two blood cultures but from yet another hole they all to happily bored into me (actually the nurse doing it was great).  Then they hooked up the antibiotics to the IV.

After awhile they put me in some hidden-away corner room, in the back of the ER, and seemed to forget about me for about an hour or so. Oh yeah, before the room change they told me they were considering admitting me for observation but I would have told them no dice. As my wife texted me, there are too many germs in a hospital and the way I figure it there are way too many from sick people.

Anyway, they told me at about 5PM, that I could go home because the X-ray was clear. As for blood test results, none were ready yet and they told me hey would only contact me if they were positive for something. I asked - "Don't you send the results to my doctor? - and they replied "no". I said they had best send them to her and to me being I was paying for them and started to ask how I would know for sure if they were negative or if they screwed up... The doc butts in and tells me, 'It would be best for you to call the hospital to get the results in case they forget to call you in the event the results are positive'. This is a hospital with a good rating too - go figure! It was my first time there, at least in 10 years, and was probably my last time too.

I am feeling okay, better than I have in days but the infection was and is a little scary with all that flesh eating crap around. It has not receded at all, but not gotten any bigger either, since its expansion last night. Hopefully the antibiotics they prescribed to me for home use will knock it out altogether.

There is one more thing and maybe, if you are an old timer like me, you noticed it. That red mark on my arm looked strikingly like an appendage of a certain cartoon character (or like that of his more nefarious uncle). Can you see what I mean. If not, take a look at this pic of Hot Stuff, that impish cartoon character of years gone by:

I hope the resemblance is a mere coincidence and nothing more.

All the best,

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ever Wonder Why Obama Is Purging The Military Of Its Top Brass...

... or why he puts inept but very ambitious stooges into seats of power in which they are totally unqualified to sit let alone run things (ie: Janet Napolitano, Rahm Emanuel, Kathleen Sebelius, Eric Holder, Van Jones and the list goes on), or why he has left our borders so porous in terms of lack of security, or why he allowed weapons to be smuggled into Mexico with no way to track them, or why he bows to the leaders of other nations while incessantly apologizing for the USA, or why he wants to cede our Constitutional rights and liberties to rule by United Nations treaties or why he pushes so hard for socialized medicine as to think it a good idea when a Congresswoman says if you want to know what is in the bill - vote on it and then read it, or why he refused to place his hand over his heart during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance or the singing of the National Anthem, or why in his campaign speeches, before he was first elected, he promised the creation of an armed civilian force as strong as the military should he become president, or why he is so rabidly anti-gun as to sign a treaty wit the UN to limit our second amendment rights, or why the government recently bought hundred of millions of rounds of ammunition for its civilian forces. Please don't tell me you have never at least wondered nor that you have not arrived at some conclusion as to why he is such a leftist. And please don't tell me you really think it is for the good of our nation.

There is only one plausible explanation and America, it is about time you admitted it to yourself:

I think you could put any of his policies at the bottom of that poster, they all point to the same thing, but until he takes away enough of our guns and has enough stooges in political office and in military command positions and in civilian enforcement positions, he will not be able to achieve it.
All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Too Bad But Most People Do Not Think Like This Mailman...

...but if they did, the world would be a lot better off. Most people would just stand by an watch and that is the difference between a do-gooder and a witness or between a helper and a hero. You see, the mailman in question was delivering mail when he saw a house on fire. Instead of only calling for help, or just watching as the home burned, he took action. He not only noticed the fire but grabbed a garden hose, ran into the house and put out the second floor blaze. Then, after the fire department arrived on scene, he departed to deliver the mail along his route. (Source.)

What he had to say about it all was what makes me wish more folks thought like him:

"I know if I…if somebody seen me like that I wish they would do me like that, too,"  (Same source as above.)

No other explanation has ever better explained why a hero has done what he has done - Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You is essentially what he said. It is the golden rule and if it was the only rule, but one we all lived by, the world would be better for it. Thank goodness some live up to it. While most people like to think that they think like him, and like to fantasize that they would do just as he did, the fact is most people would not have done what he did by going out of his way to place himself in danger to save the life and home of another person all while at great risk to himself. And remember, that was not his job, he was not a police officer or a fireman. He truly went over and above his call of duty to save a life and a home; his act was conspicuous gallantry in the face of danger to himself. Too bad not more of us think like him and would do what he did. My hat goes off to Darrian Crutcher, he has got to be the mailman of the year and one heck of a good man!

All the best,
Glenn B

Red Ribbon Week Or Red Ribbons of Blood Week

A police officer, involved in a Red Ribbon Week school safety demonstration, negligently accidentally fired his/her gun and apparently three children were wounded as a result. The three children reportedly were not shot but had cuts and scrapes. I would imagine that they were either hit by shrapnel from the bullet (which would mean that they had been shot albeit by ricocheted material) or that they were hit by debris from whatever the bullet had hit or that they got cut or scraped diving for cover. The safety demonstration was aimed at keeping kids off of drugs. (source)

My guess would be that this was a firearms safety demonstration. The gun almost certainly  had to have been handled in some manner. I mean why handle it, in that situation, it if not using it to demonstrate firearm' safety to the children but if so - why use a live weapon with live ammo at all. If that guess is correct, then I offer my opinion, based upon years of firearms handling and 14 years of collateral duties as a firearms instructor, that the officer was negligent, as were his commanders, in allowing a live firearm and live ammunition into the same room in which such a demonstration was being held before young students. The gun that should have been used for such a demonstration: a non-firing model, either manufactured for demonstrative purposes only or an actual firearm that had been modified as incapable of firing such as one in which the firing pin was grounded down or removed. In addition, there was no need for live ammunition to be in that room during the demonstration, certainly not in the same caliber for the gun being used as a prop.

As of right now, it has been reported that "details are sketchy". If though, this went down as I suspect, with the officer negligently possessing a loaded working firearm, then negligently exhibiting and then negligently firing said weapon and wounding three children as a result, all I can say is I think that he turned it into a Red Ribbons of Blood Week for those kids. How ironic would it be now, in light of the fact that this was an anti-drug program, if some of these students turned to drugs to help them cope with the psychological trauma some of them (or their parents and lawyers) are almost sure to report they have suffered because of this incident.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trabantcare - An Excellent Analogy

Go visit Wirecutter's blog and read one of the best short analogies I have ever read. It compares the Trabant to Obamacare:

All the best,
Glenn B

If Snowden or Manning Had Divulged This, And It Was All That Either Had Divluged...

...then there would have been a good chance that the U.S. Government would have considered either of them just as much a traitor, or spy, or criminal, or as whatever the government classifies them, as they do now. The 'this' to which I am referring is the seeming breach of National Security, what else could it be called, that was recently made by Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno. That seeming breach took place when he, probably acting as a political stooge of the Obama Administration, divulged to the whole world (including our enemy states and terrorists) that the U.S. Army has only two Army brigades that are combat-ready! He said it is a result of budget cuts that prevented the military from training more troops (source).

He has not been fired, evidently is not under investigation for treason, and apparently has not been admonished by Obama.  Thus, my guess that he is nothing more than a political puppet of Obama is, as I see it, very likely correct. Can you imagine that, the Army Chief of Staff is playing political games with the security of our nation by divulging to the world that we are ill prepared to defend our nation. We are further gone than I had thought. Any real man of integrity, who truly believed the oath he swore to defend the Constitution and our country, would have never divulged such even on direct orders from his commander-in-chief. He should have told him "No Sir, I will not do it, it could damage our national security" and taken the consequences. At least that way he would have held true to his oath as an oath taker instead of to his political alliances as an ass kisser.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Not Just Big Business That Will Cut Out Full Time Employees Under Obamacare

As Andy Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants Inc., the parent company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, told Megyn Kelly on Fox News that his company and others will choose to hire part-time employees instead of full-time employees because of increased costs from the health care law (source). As he also stated, large companies have already been doing so over the past half year. The thing is though that it is not just corporate America that is doing so. Smaller business institutions, albeit those with more than 50 employees, have already started cutting back on employee's hours and that includes businesses that are run by fairly left leaning liberals and Obama supporters. You can bet other companies may have scaled back their number of employees to fall under 50.

I think a perfect example of such was the library in which, until just recently, I was employed. It had to be several months ago that my supervisor had me scheduled to work just over 30 hours in a one week period because the library was short handed on security staff. Well, I arrived at work for a 4 hour schedule and was told I had to clock out and leave 1.5 hours early. Why? Well, I was told because if I did not, I would be eligible for Omamacare. Even I knew that such was not the case and I told my boss just that. He basically shrugged me off and said that is what the director wanted.

I went online, showed him the government website showing the requirement under Obamacare that said: 'you had to work 30 hours or more per week for a period of three months to force an employer to give you Obamacare'. Going over the 30 hour plateau, for one day, in one week, did not qualify me to receive Obamacare. I showed my boss, he said he told the library director but that she was adamant that I had to leave work early. So, I had traveled to work at an expense of 2 gallons of gasoline (at the time quite higher in cost than now) and whatever other wear and tear on my car, to be told to go screw myself and go home early even though I had been previously scheduled to work those hours. Luckily that was the only day I was sent home but my schedule was corrected cut a couple to a few more times to assure I would work under 30 hours each week.

Now, picture if you will, the absolute Bizarro World aspects of this situation because the director of the library drives an electric car (or hybrid) with a fairly large sized sticker on the back of it, that sticker says: VOTE OBAMA. So, apparently, the director was all for Obama yet evidently is outright dead set against true support of his policies regarding Obamacare in that she had already begun to preclude at least some employees from being eligible for it. Now, I will point out, I like the lady (but maybe not her politics). She is a sharp cookie and a nice person - but what the heck is that all about regarding her so called support for Obama, then her lack of support for her employees getting health care under the health care plan implemented by the messiah of the leftists! It is, in its essence, the absolutely screwed up reasoning of the left, in my opinion, which really is the lack of any logical reasoning at all and a failure to accept the consequences of your vote. No wonder this country is akin to the swirling discharge water in a toilet bowl. We going round and round, still in there, but all full of crap and soon to be totally washed down the drain. We truly are doomed if thinking like that keeps electing morons who idolize tyrants, socialists and communists.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, October 21, 2013

12 New Babies Have Arrived...

...and I am keeping them well fed on leafy greens and crickets. There are 7 of them in the first pic, cute aren't they! Oh, they are Bearded Dragons.

Here are seven of them.

That flaky stuff in each pic is tropical fish food,
it draws out the crickets from hiding.

All the best,

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves By Packing A Pistol

Or so this story could well have you believe. A pastor entered a store to buy a Gatorade and walked right into what looked like an armed robbery in progress. The alleged bad guy points something in his hand at the pastor and the pastor draws his own legally owned pistol and orders the guy onto the ground where the pastor held him until police arrived. Can you say Amen Brother!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, October 20, 2013

There Are Just Some Outfits You Ladies Should Not Wear... the rifle or pistol range. After all, there is too much of a chance of getting burned by hot brass or giving a guy like me a heart attack.

Look Here But Be Advised If A Movie It Would Be Rated R Or The Current Equivalent.

All the best,
Glenn B

Just Maybe, Some Folks Should Not Have Guns...

...or even anything that remotely resembles a gun like an AR-15 bra. Could you imagine this guy with real guns and ammo - I could and the result that I would foresee would not be good.

At one time, not too long ago, you would have been locked
up in a psych ward for 3 days for appearing in public like
this and possibly adjudicated mentally ill after that.


All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, October 17, 2013

So Someone Tell Me - Just What Did The Republicans Accomplish...

...except for maybe assuring they will lose the elections for the House and Senate in 2014 because of all their chest pounding, that was pretty obvious bluffing, over Obamacare and the government shutdown. As usual, the moronic pansy, Boehner folded. Then, so too did that other blithering idiot Mitch McConnell. They have got to be two of the biggest twittering pussies I have ever seen in government. Of course, McConnell has been reported (by Michael Savage on the radio last night) to have received a nice slab of pork for his state. I would imagine Boehner did likewise - but in the process they ruined whatever little credibility and integrity there was that remained in the Republican Party. FUCK THEM.

I was actually supportive of them shutting things down, government spending really needs trimming, and the borrowing limit needs to be adhered to - big time - even lowered by hundreds of billions if not more. Yet, I was pretty sure, all along, as I am guessing were most Americans (especially Obama and Reed) that the Republicans would crumble as usual when things got serious. As for that arse hat Rand Paul - he has shown himself to be one of the beltway boys through and through.

They, the Republicans and any conservative dems in the House, needed to stand fast, right or wrong on this one, and show some real belief in their own so called convictions and ideals. As usual though, they folded and gave up like the weak kneed piss pants fools they have proven themselves to be time and time again. I hope their constituents realize it is time for a change and I do not mean that they vote democrat but that they vote in some conservatives with brass balls in 2014.

All the best,
Glenn B

Just Threw A 7 Pound Pork Roast...

...into the oven and set it on convection roast. Preheated the oven to 400 but when I put the meat into it, I lowered the temp to 350 (was thinking of 325 but what the heck). I am figuring on 3 to 4 hours of roasting - not too sure since I am unfamiliar with roasting in a convection oven; with the fan on. I figure it will cook faster than if the fan was turned off. We have had the oven for a few years now but I sure have not been cooking all that much over the past several years. Not all that worried though - after all - what could be easier than a pork roast?

Bought it at Costco, there were two in the package, total weight was 14 pounds. Took out the one, salted it, put some spices on it, stuck it with a bunch of tooth picks to hold it together where it was a sloppy cut on one end, then stabbed it with two meat thermometers. When they hit 175, the pork should be done. I will do one more thing to it other than carve and eat it, I probably will baste it with German bier as it roasts. I am enjoying one of the biers right now, they are actually better tasting when there is some meat, of one sort or another, roasting in the oven. (Absolutely no pun nor slur intended, so please do not go there).

The other half of the meat, had to cut it in half to get it into two one gallon zip-lock bags and into my freezer. That roast, now two roasts, will hit the grill sooner or later for smoking and or roasting.

Now time for me to enjoy that bier - well not quite yet. First, I will set the alarm on my phone to wake me before the roast should be done so I can check on it and baste it. I am doing that in case I doze off - don't want to burn down the house.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Apparent Disregard For Firearms Safety Reportedly Leads To Shooting Death

In the attached video, you will see what evidently amounts to the total disregard for firearms safety if the accompanying write up at the video source is correct. Many of the rules (and I do not mean only the so called 4 Rules because there are many more than 4) are violated by a novice shooter, as his so called firearms instructor watches, even instructs him, in what leads up to the shooting of another person downrange.

Please be advised, this is a graphic video and actually shows someone being killed.

So, what rules were broken:

Be aware that firearms have the potential to be deadly weapons and they are not toys to be trifled with in any unsafe manner.

Every time you pick up a weapon you should treat it like it is loaded and if not about to fire it you should check to see if it is loaded and unload as appropriate.

Never take anyone's word for the condition of a weapon, as I indicated above you are responsible for checking it.

Always point weapon in a relatively safe direction. (Relatively because you may someday need to shoot an assailant and what is safe for you will surely not be for him or her.)

Be sure of your target and what is around it.

Never place your finger on the trigger until ready to shoot (this also applies to dry firing or pulling the trigger for disassembly  - consider  both to be the equivalent of shooting so you should have your weapon pointed in a relatively safe direction to avoid accidents).

Never handle any weapons while someone is downrange. This is a cardinal rule of firearms safety at any firearms range; any instructor with any firearms instructor training at all should know this. (The instructor in this video was foolish enough as to stand in front of her student and then to instruct him to pick it up while others were downrange.)

Train new shooters completely about firearms safety, and test them to assure that they understand it, before ever allowing them to handle a weapon.

As the Smith & Wesson firearms safety page says:

"As a firearm owner, you accept a demanding responsibility. How serious you take this responsibility can be the difference between life and death. There is no excuse for careless or abusive handling of your firearm. At all times handle your firearm with intense respect for its power and potential danger."

They have a pretty decent web page dedicated to firearms safety located at this link.

The blame for this shooting death falls squarely on the shoulders of the shooter and his instructor and I would think more so onto those of the instructor if the shooter was a novice. Now, as to what I am about to say, please do not take me wrong, I am not assigning any responsibility to the deceased but am about to tell you how he and the other guy downrange could possibly have avoided this tragedy. While handling firearms you should must be aware of your situation and your surrounding environment. The same is true whenever anyone else is handling firearms around you and that includes during a break in the shooting at a range. So, when you go downrange, it is a good idea to remain alert and to scan your surroundings to assure you are not in any danger as was posed by the shooter in the video. A look back over your shoulder now and again is not a guarantee you will always be able to prevent an incident like this but it tends to slant the odds in your favor. Again, I place no responsibility at all on the deceased, it is just something to bear in mind and to practice when you are at the range. It's sort of like making sure to look both ways not only before you cross the street but again as you cross the street. Stay alert of your surroundings at all times.

Folks, just one other thing. It is a good idea to have some sort of first aid training if you are a shooter, at least the basics and to have a first aid kit on hand while shooting. You will note, that in the video, the guy who was reportedly shot fell to the ground and it appears as if no one went to check on him; although, one cannot say with certainty because of the editing. In any given shooting, the person who was shot possibly could still be alive and rapid application of first aid may save that person's life.

Video source:

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I've Got Nothing, Except...

...maybe a cold that just hit me today. I feel like I drank a vial of rotten rat pee or worse. Other than this, no blogging from me tonight; I am hitting the hay. Maybe something tomorrow.

All the best,
Glenn  B

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Typical New Yorker Changes Her Mind About Guns & Gun Control

Maybe all New Yorkers should have to spend 6 months in states like Alabama (if they in such states could stand them).

That was refreshing coming from someone who obviously had been a drinker of Obama's, Schumer's, Gillibrand's, Cuomo's and Bloomberg's Kool-Aid at one time in her life but now has a very different view on guns. That was thanks to her reeducation in free America. I can't believe I have not seen this until today and it has been on YouTube for over a year.

All the best,
Glenn B

Don't Believe In Yom-Vs - You Should Because Unlike Zombies They Are Real

My guess is that most of my readers fully believe in Yom-Vs but that there are probably some of you who think that the You Owe Me - Voter is just a product of an overactive, conservative leaning, libertarian imagination. The bottom line is they are real and they are, in essence, stealing your bottom line - your hard earned assets. They come in all shapes and sizes, are found among all races, colors and creeds and across age, gender and sexual preference lines. Here is a video of but a small example of them and how they think that we them something and what they plan to do it we stop doling it out.

The reference to Rodney King, an obvious threat of riotous violence, is about all these pieces of shit offer to our nation - other than the promise they will continue to suck as dry as long as we allow the politicians to promote them to do so. Fuck them and fuck the bureaucrats who promote the welfare state.

All the best,
Glenn B

YOM-V Apocalypse Averted - First They Couldn't Spend - Then There Was No Limit To EBT

The inefficiency of our government seems to be almost boundless. I have lived under the administrations of 11 presidents, so far, in my lifetime. I do not recall any of them, with the possible exception than that of Carter's as having been as floundering as is the current one under Obama. Now I am not about to say that it is Obama's fault that the EBT system was offline in 17 states for a day or three just a day or two ago. Nor can I blame him personally for the EBT glitch that just gave food stamp recipients unlimited spending power in one state (source). No I can do neither even though I am absolutely certain that had George W. Bush still be in the White House when this happened it would somehow have been his fault according to liberals (in fact I am surprised I that they are not blaming him anyway).

What I will say though is that this is the fault of the current administration in general. They are the overseers of the food stamp program since it is administered by the federal government. So I have to wonder, why is it, that under this administration, Obama's administration, they cannot seem to get anything right - not even the doling out of other people's money in the form of food stamps to the YOM-V's (the You Owe Me Voters). Note though, they got the computer glitches with EBT fixed much faster than those for Obama-care, those are still not working properly. As far as EBT though, truthfully, I do not mind at all that he government runs a program to help assist people in need (note I said to HELP assist people IN NEED, implying that those folks also try to get jobs and support themselves) to obtain enough food to actually sustain themselves. What I do mind is the absolutely careless way they go about doing it (careless with regard to spending our dollars).

These two recent system failures are just the most recent examples of the government's incompetence in running the program and in making sure that food stamp recipients are using the system legally and not abusing it. I have seen, first hand, folks on food stamps buying forbidden items with them. I have seen people, first hand, selling their benefits to others for drugs. I have seen many reports of officials knowingly allowing people to be on the dole in the food stamp system who are not eligible to be receiving such assistance. I also have read reports of all of these types of violations with way too much frequency to make think anything other than the system is rife with abuse and corruption. (Yes, there are still frequent violations and it should not be too hard for even a moron who may be reading this to figure out how since these uneducated YOM-Vs have figured out how to do it. No I am not calling my readers morons but I have had some pretty idiotic lib type morons leave comments now and again.)

Of course, with the current administration in place, I almost wonder if they somehow thought that the worst effect of the EBT system being offline for a day or two was down in LA. By worst effect, I mean among the YOM-s who receive the EBT benefits in that maybe the government figured they were about to riot or something like that in LA even though EBT was back online. I wonder a bit further if they decided that the best thing to do to stifle civil unrest or voter disappointment with the current administration was to dole out EBT funds without limit for a short time. Sort of like the royalty throwing bread to the peasants to keep them, if not happy, at least satisfied for the moment. I am not saying that happened, I was just wondering about it for a moment, I discounted it almost as soon as I thought about it because I cannot bring myself to believe that the Obama administration would be that arrogant. Of course as I said though, I am surprised that some hard core libturd has not blamed GWB.

What I do not wonder about though is the inefficiency of our government to run such programs and to take, by way of taxes and other fees, our hard earned money and then spend it with reckless abandon on programs that support YOM-Vs and that fosters their lifestyle of sucking the rest of us dry and contributing little or nothing to our society. I do not wonder about it because there is so much evidence that is exactly what is happening day after day with an alarming increase in the number of YOM-V recipients, and thus with a startling rise in the amount of our money being spent on these human leeches. Yes, as I said, many people receiving food stamp assistance may actually be contributors to the welfare of our nation and they may really need it but there are way too many with the attitude that they owe us nothing and we owe them everything to assure their continued existence. The current administration, has to my knowledge, advocated such an ideal (if you can actually call tasking from the financially strapped to support they who refuse to work and who suck the rest of u dry an ideal) more than any other in my lifetime and that means even more so than the administrations of Johnson and Carter.

Yet, I am still wondering - not about if the latest screw-up was one by design to quiet the mobs of YOM-Vs - but as to how long those paying for the continued support of blood sucking leeches will be willing to keep it up without coming to their senses and saying enough is enough and we will pay no more. I wonder if it would not be a grand idea, instead of holding a million-mom march, or a million-Muslims march, or a million biker's ride that we try to get together and form a ten million taxpayers refusal. In other words, is it time for us to try to unite as tax payers who are fed up with this inept doling out of our hard earned dollars to the YOM-Vs and in doing so that we come together in a massive refusal of the taxpayers o this nation to file or pay our taxes for the upcoming income tax year. Imagine not only the impact that would have on programs like food stamps but the widespread panic it would cause among politicians who would realize it is long overdue that they start promoting workfare programs and industry in America as opposed to fostering welfare programs in support of they who have been sucking the lifeblood out of our great nation. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ammo Alert - Decent Deal on Geco 9mm

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) is currently, as I type, offering a good deal on Geco 9mm ammo, considering current market conditions. They have Geco 9mm, 124 grain, FMJ, brass cased, boxer primed (brass cased and boxer primed was confirmed by a phone call I made to them), ammunition for sale @ $12.99 per box of 50 rounds. That works out to about 26 cents per round before shipping. After shipping, expect it to be about 28 cents per round if you purchase a thousand rounds of it (that of course depends on actual shipping to your location).

That is the best price I have seen in too long awhile. Yes, that means I did not keep to my promise to myself not to buy any ammo for a month. Time, here in New York, is running out for online ammo purchases due to the NY SAFE Act. Prices here in NY promise to be ridiculous if the prices mimic those I recently saw for ammo at a local gun show and at some dealers; add to that the background check fee that will have to be paid each time you buy a box of ammo, in the near future, and it will be cost prohibitive to buy ammo within NY. Sort of like the price of tea in Boston some years back.

 If you are interested in the ammo, click on the link:

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Yom-V Apocalypse Could Be Upon Us...

...after all, what could motivate Yom-Vs (You-Owe-Me Voters or in other words the equivalent of flesh eating zombies since they suck you dry of your hard earned assets) to riot than to be told that they are not about to get their Food Stamp benefits because the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) system is out of order in 17 states. If this spreads to all 50 states, you need to be ready for them to rise together, like a horde of zombies on a flesh eating rampage, looking to take whatever they can from the rest of us - we hard working Americans who earn our keeps.


Hope for the best but prepare for the worst, I say. Shit like this is almost sure to fire them up and get many of them off their lazy arses in protest, maybe violent protests, if it lasts more than couple of days.

All the best,
Glenn B

Remember The USS Cole - October 12, 2000

USS Cole was hauled from Aden aboard the Norwegian semi-submersible
heavy lift salvage ship MV Blue Marlin. On 12/24/2000, she arrived
at port in Pascagoula, Mississippi, , where she was rebuilt.
On October 12, 2000, the USS Cole lost 17 sailors (killed) and 39 (wounded) as a result of a suicide attack by a small craft containing explosives while the Cole was refueling in a harbor in Yemen. Al Qaeda later claimed credit for the attack but the U.S. found Sudan liable. As far as I am concerned, President William J. Clinton and whomever was in charge of the Navy, at that time, should have been prosecuted for negligent homicide for having put in place the naval rules of  engagement at the time. Then, in my opinion, we should have nuked Yemen.

For info on the attack on the USS Cole, see:

All the best,
Glenn B

Warning For Burglars & Home Invaders

The trick at my house would be to also guess with what I guarded my house on the other 4 days of the week. You can bet, that if not with a shotgun, the other days are covered by a pistol, revolver or rifle and a few dogs just waiting to bite your arse.
All the best,
Glenn B

She Took Biden's Advice On Getting A Double Barreled Shotgun...

...and took it a few steps further. I would hate to be the bad guy who broke into her house while she was home.

All the best,

Friday, October 11, 2013



That is all,

Svedka Vodka...

...not bad at all - especially considering I am drinking the remains of my son's bottle of hooch. It has been in the basement pantry way too long to have gone unnoticed and un-imbibed by me. In fact, this is about the third time I have enjoyed of its clear but heady nectar. I do not like it quite as much as I prefer Polish Luksusowa Potato Vodka but what the heck, this Svedka Vodka is for free. That is, it is for free until he realizes I hit his stash, then he is almost certain to hit-up mine. That is fine by me, sort of the same thing goes with our ammo caches!

All the best,
Glenn B

Want .22LR Ammo - You Had Best Be Quicker Than Me...

...and that means you need to be about as quick as greased lightning or better (like the Road Runner).

As per, MidwayUSA had Federal, American Eagle, 22 Long Rifle, High Velocity 38 Grain, Plated, Lead Hollow Point, Ammunition available only 36 minutes prior to me trying to order some of it at .05 cents per round. Yes, I realize, I swore off of any new ammo purchases for a month and the month is long from over. It was not as much of a lie as it was that: What sane shootist could pass this by without trying to get some of it at that price in today's market! Anyway, when I tried to order some of it - it was already sold out - in less than 36 minutes!!! Ouch.

That ammo, disappearing like that, was quicker than ever was the Road Runner in avoiding the attempts of Wile E. Coyote to grab hold of him!

All the best,
Glenn B

Ah Mother Fucker...

...were the three words that just came out of my mouth in an exasperated huff when I tired to think about something that was worthy of a blog-post. That might get you to thinking that I came up blank with subject matter but that is far from the case. In fact, I could come up with scores, if not hundreds, of topics to blog about but the truth is that I am so disgusted by most of them that I am none to sure I could stand blogging about them let alone enjoy doing it. So let me blog about something of which I am certain, I country is in dire straits because of they who would do nothing else than make leeches of themselves.

I was about to write that the main reason for that is Obama but it is not. Truth be told, it is not him nor any product of him, it is the culture that bred him and that morphed him into the end-all-be-all of the you-owe-me voter (Yom-V). Amazingly, almost as soon as I wrote that, and it took about 2 seconds of thought to come up with, I realized how much Yom-V sounds like Zombie (and that is the truth - so help me Ronald Reagan). While yom-v sounds like zombie, they are not real zombies, they are just wanna-be zombies. Yet, they emulate zombies in that they offer nothing to society and nothing to the species survival as a whole. All they do is  attempt to take everything they can from any source that is alive and thriving, to any degree better than are they, and then devour it. Does that sound familiar? It should, because that is what the supporters of Obama (or simply put the ultra-leftists) are trying to accomplish. That is, they are trying to suck the rest of us dry and turn us and our assets into dead meat that they can devour. Who in hell are they going to suck the life out of once they have taken the fruits of our labors and have no others to take from except their own bloodsucking kind! I mean that most seriously.

After all, there is:

The welfare group - which is way up in numbers since Obama took over and their ranks are increasing.

The group of those on food stamps, which has multiplied by so many as for it to seem like an impossible feat but they too are sucking us - we who studied hard, worked hard and made something of ourselves through difficulties and then became in any degree successful at supporting ourselves - of our life's blood and saying we owe it to them. Why we owe them anything, I cannot figure and, they have never properly nor logically explained it except to continually repeat the mantra that we owe them as if hard work and success were things over which to feel guilt and shame.

The illegal aliens to whom we supposedly owe some type of never ending gratitude for violating our laws to illegally enter our country and who take our jobs from us as well as taking the jobs that could otherwise have been given to the yom-v's who refuse to work and who suck us dry.

The yom-v's who would keep borrowing even though none of them can afford to pay for what they borrowed, in all of our names, and they would depend on the rest of us to pay their debts even though we were against borrowing.

The yom-v's who want to take away our guns and any way that we can protect ourselves from other yom-v's who would like to not only suck us dry but also to rape, pillage and plunder us and ours without us having any way to defend ourselves.

The yom-v's who will find us useful as long as we can work and earn so that we can be overtaxed by them and thus by way of our taxes support those absolutely useless slugs. Then, when we are retired and too old to work, they will, under Obama-Care make sure not to provide us with the very same health care to which they will find themselves entitled unless of course they are the President, the Vice President, our Senators, our Congressional Representatives in the House, union members of unions that supported Obama (but isn't my saying it that way quite redundant) and others of Obama's flunkies. I think you could refer to that policy as relegating us to the death panels but alas, the uber-leftist liberals would try to make you believe otherwise.

In other words, it has become the educated, hard working, self supporting, tax paying dedicated to patriotism and the American way, citizens who are being held responsible for supporting the remainder of the scum-sucking leeches in America. I have two words for them - that is for the leeches: Fuck You.

I also have five words for the government even though I honestly do not condone them, and very much hope with all my heart to avoid them, and to find a peaceful solution even though I do not believe the yom-v's will let us do so. Those five words are: Revolution Almost Certainly Is Forthcoming. You yom-v's may think you can control us, and make us use our lives' blood to support your kind without you lending anything to that support, and you may think you can destroy and our wills, and our guns and ammo, and our freedom and liberties and rights, but the truth is we have been taking stock of it all longer than have you. There are more of us, willing to give our all, for the just cause, than you in the military and in law enforcement and among the citizenry. All too many of us are just waiting to bite the hand that steals from us, once you have gone to far into tyranny, than are there of your own kind hoping to suck the rest of us dry before we rise up and strike back in defense of ourselves, our loved ones and our Constitution.

I am hoping, maybe against all hope, for you leeches to start pulling your weight and to lend true support to the nation, and thus am also hoping for a peacefully united country bent on our best interests to be the end result. Yet, I am a realist and I realize that you leeches are unlikely to do anything but to continue to try to suck the hand that feeds you dry.  So, I and many others are preparing for the worst because it almost seems inevitable, what with the extent you have tried to suck the life out of the rest of us, that the worst is yet to come.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I've Got My Eyes on A Browning B-78... .22-.250. It's a single shot rifle with falling block action operated by the lever action of the trigger guard. It has blued steel, either a round or an octagonal barrel (it comes with either and I will be damned if I can remember which one this one has). It is a nice looking piece, but I need to look it over again with an eye toward condition especially because it would be on the pricey side for me. What could be a better gun for me to acquire than one that is pricey and in a caliber for which I have virtually zero need. Of course, if i can get it at a good price, I will be mine.

Could be quite the challenge to hunt deer with this one or just a fun gun. Maybe something to sell for ammo money or to trade up for something better - whatever.

All the best,

The President and His Henchmen...

... ,it seems, are destroying the rule of Constitutional Law, especially as regards our rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They appear to be doing so with reckless abandon and with very little regard, or absolutely no concern, for Constitutional legalities. I imagine, now that they believe they have the upper hand on gun control and have been secretly spying on the phone and Internet records of all American citizens, they feel they can move ahead and abolish Freedom of the Press while they are at destroying the rest of our rights. That the leftist loons in most of the media still show blind support of this man is totally mind boggling. See:

I think our way of life and our rights and liberties, as Americans, have been destroyed beyond belief under a man whom I can only see as an abhorrent tyrant.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Got Brain Burn...

...from pondering the question that was posed in my last post and thus have not blogged for the past couple of days. After 2 days of thinking about it, the only answer I can come up with is the obvious one. It consists of 20 words: 

A never ending swarm of leeches and a herd of political baboons who have sold their souls to the leeches.

All the best,

Monday, October 7, 2013

Thought For The Day...

Thought for the day...
We are always hearing about how Social Security is going to run out of money. 
How come we never hear about Welfare running out of money?
That is a good one, and ever so important a question. A hat tip to Patrick J. S. for that one.
All the best,

Hey - Didn't Al Gore Create The Internet...

...thus the reason I am stymied as to why Barack Obama has not yet shut it down as federal property. Maybe that's coming next, right after he shut down part of the ocean. See:

It would be funny if it was so fucking sadly idiotic on the part of a sitting U.S. President.

All the best,

Fences & Obama = Shame

A hat tip to the Vulgar Curmudgeon from whom I swiped this one. As he said, if you're not pissed off about this, you aren't paying attention. My guess is that would apply to most Obama supporters.
All the best,
Glenn  B