Tuesday, October 22, 2013

If Snowden or Manning Had Divulged This, And It Was All That Either Had Divluged...

...then there would have been a good chance that the U.S. Government would have considered either of them just as much a traitor, or spy, or criminal, or as whatever the government classifies them, as they do now. The 'this' to which I am referring is the seeming breach of National Security, what else could it be called, that was recently made by Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno. That seeming breach took place when he, probably acting as a political stooge of the Obama Administration, divulged to the whole world (including our enemy states and terrorists) that the U.S. Army has only two Army brigades that are combat-ready! He said it is a result of budget cuts that prevented the military from training more troops (source).

He has not been fired, evidently is not under investigation for treason, and apparently has not been admonished by Obama.  Thus, my guess that he is nothing more than a political puppet of Obama is, as I see it, very likely correct. Can you imagine that, the Army Chief of Staff is playing political games with the security of our nation by divulging to the world that we are ill prepared to defend our nation. We are further gone than I had thought. Any real man of integrity, who truly believed the oath he swore to defend the Constitution and our country, would have never divulged such even on direct orders from his commander-in-chief. He should have told him "No Sir, I will not do it, it could damage our national security" and taken the consequences. At least that way he would have held true to his oath as an oath taker instead of to his political alliances as an ass kisser.

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Glenn B

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