Monday, March 2, 2009

In Like a Lion And 10" Strong So Far

Yep, we have a good ten inches of snow so far, actually more between the time I took the photo of the snow depth up until the time I started writing this piece. There has got to be another 1/2" to 1" more out there by now. A lot of white stuff, certainly for Western Long Island and the New York City area. Of course, my job is open and I will soon be leaving for work. Not too long ago I finished digging out my government car so I can drive it into work, now I am waiting for my back to stop hurting, seems I twisted or pulled it while shoveling out the G ride. That drive should be a joy today as my guess is that 90% of folks have either banged in sick, or on a vacation or personal day, or were lucky enough to have their bosses tell them to take the day off. As for we Feds, well as I have been told by those who work for or with other agencies, at least 2 other major federal agencies have given their people off today because of the weather. Not ICE though because, well because of who runs the show I would guess. We were told all offices open for business as usual. Of course we were given an option to working at an office closer to home, but I would rather avoid JFK Airport if possible on a day like today and would rather brave the LIE into Manhattan.

One thing keeps bugging me, I had not heard that Al Gore was doing a tour of the SE up through the NE from yesterday through today, but I am almost willing to bet he is somewhere close by. This weather seems to follow him almost everywhere!

All the best,
Glenn B