Thursday, January 17, 2013

Should We All Pay More Taxes - My Reply

Should We All Pay More Taxes was the title of an article I just read. I do not often reply to articles like that but felt compelled to do so in this instance. My comment to that piece follows:

"I can tell you why no one in the middle class, or upper class, or in the lower class of working folks, should have to pay even a dime more in taxes - because it is way past due that something else happens. The time is right for an alternative to higher taxes. You know what time is due, the time for - the unrighteous who think themselves entitled, those leeches on unemployment for up to a year when yes there are jobs but just not the ones they want out there, the drug dealers who get public assistance and food stamps, the fakers on disability who are more able than you or I, the homeless bums who could work but choose to suck charity's tit dry, the Occupy Wall Street useless hippies who rant and rave and never earn anything but the disrespect due them - those useless pieces of flotsam in our society to get off of their supposedly entitled arses and get legitimate jobs and pay taxes. It is time for the great part of the 47 percent who pay nothing, but who take everything, to finally get jobs waiting tables, washing dishes, scrubbing floors, cleaning up dog poo in kennels, digging ditches, handing out fliers, or doing whatever menial jobs they can get to pay their fair share and to lighten the burden on the rest of us by not taking what we have dutifully earned. It is also time to get rid of the 30 million blood sucking illegal aliens in this country and for them to give up their jobs to the above mentioned useless American citizens so that tax rates on the rest of us can finally go down. Think about it, then sleep on it, and maybe you will wake up as a responsible adult tomorrow.  Something tells me though, you are a hopeless liberal, just as hopeless as is the future of any country, like the USA, in which so many feel entitled, even empowered, to take so much from the rest of us and give nothing in return except demands for more.

Glenn  B"

That was my reply and my rather simple solution to end the so called fiscal crisis. Well maybe one other thing, getting rid of all the assholes in government too but that is for myself and the rest of you to commence next election day and to keep voting on in all subsequent elections.

By the way, I put the stamp on my voter registration packet today and it goes into the mail tomorrow. I have pulled myself out of the Republican party, and registered as not a member of any party, because from what I can tell - Republicans are almost all RINOs. In the future, I will vote for Libertarians (for the most part) and maybe also now and again for the rare truly conservative Republican and or for a conservative or Libertarian leaning independent (if there is such a thing).

All the best,
Glenn B