Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ballseye's Gun Shots 26 - "Interactive Exploded Firearms' Drawings and Schematics"

A reader, Russ S recently asked me to send him directions for Marlin 336 disassembly and I obliged. He thanked me and later sent me a link to something he found subsequent to asking me for the directions. What he sent me was a link to: That site claims to be: The World's First Interactive Database of Exploded Firearms' Drawings and Schematics. Currently with 4177 models. WOW that seemed impressive.

I did a quick scan of some of the schematics that they have listed. While they have many firearms listed with links for their schematics, it seems a lot of the schematics are simply not available once you click on the links for them. They also list some things that are just nonexistent. For instance, under Marlin rifles they list the 35 Remenington. No that is not my spelling mistake - that is what they have listed as an available schematic but no schematic comes up when you click on the link; maybe because there is no such Marlin model. They also have, at the time of this writing, two listings for the Beretta Model 92, one for the Beretta M92 and one for the Beretta Model 92 Double Action. Only the last one shows a diagram when you click on its link; what you get with the other links is similar to this:

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The World's First Interactive Exploded Firearms' Drawings and Schematics. Currently with 4177 models.. "

Now, when you click on the Marlin 336, not only do you get a schematic, you also get disassembly and reassembly instructions. Most of the other links that I visited that actually linked to schematics had only schematics but some had detailed directions too.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not faulting them. I think someone has a good idea. For all I know this is a brand new site with bugs to be worked out, it surely is new to me. I think, if you need a firearms schematic, or if you are searching for disassembly and reassembly instructions, this is a site you should check. You may be in luck and info on the firearms you need it for may be there. By the way, the home site for the above site is: They seem to offer even more info on firearms and ammunition there. It appears they are a commercial bullet manufacturer or retailer too.

A hat tip to Russ S. for the info on this site.

All the best,
Glenn B