Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today In History - 69 Years of Hiccupping Begins

On June 13, 1922, a fellow named Charlie Osborne statred to hiccup after he fell down while he had been lifting a hog to weigh it. He hiccupped continuously (except I think while sleeping) for the next 69 years - yep 69 YEARS, 1922 through 1991! He supposedly hiccupped up to 40 times per minute in the beginning, then down to 20 times per minute later on. During that 69 year stint of hiccups he married (reportedly twice) and had 8 children despite hiccupping an estimated 430 million times! He died within a year of cessation of his the hiccups, the cause of his death was complications due to ulcers. One has to wonder, were the two conditions related. One thing I do not have to wonder about is that no one has tried, in earnest, to beat his record.,,20081781,00.html

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