Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just How Do You Feel About Islam

If you are anything like me, then you will agree with what you are about to hear in the embedded video. Once again, Pat Condell hits the nail squarely on the head.

Why is it that non-Muslim people across the world do not get this message. I suppose mostly because there are so many far left leaning liberals in the world. If you are a far left leaning liberal, don't be offended, think about why I said that. In fact, no matter who you are, think about it with me for a few moments. Liberals want, even demand, tolerance yet do not one for moment tolerate anyone who disagrees with them. Just go out and tell some gay or lesbian, at a gay pride parade, that while you can tolerate them living near you, you will never accept their sexual choice as anything but deviant or as anything less than abnormal behavior or immoral behavior or whatever you believe it to be. Then watch their reaction. I guarantee you will make the news because of their intolerance. The same goes for anyone from a staunch women's lib movement, take NOW for example. I would bet if you spoke up in support of Sara Palin at a NOW meeting, saying she is a woman and you support her wholly and believe in her politics, they would vehemently denounce you. The same, in essence, for welfare recipients that make a life of being on the dole instead of working and same for all the Occupy crowds. Disagree with them and their so called values and they will attack you with hate in their eyes.

Does that sound at all familiar. It is the mantra of the Muslim, they (for a large part of the Muslim world) hate anyone who is not Muslim. Well, that is only going to make me more resolute to stand against them. I am sick of pandering politicians like President Obama, bowing and apologizing to them and telling them how hateful and disgusting it is when someone in this country exercises his or her rights. Yet, Obama has continually been derogatory toward Christians, conservatives, 2nd Amendment Advocates, free speech advocates, people who wish to live and work in right to work states and so on. But I digress, this is about Muslims, not about Barack Hussein Obama (AKA: Barry Sotero - self professed Muslim).

No more ranting, without further ado, here is the video:

Hat tip to Peter Q for the heads up on the video.

All the best,
Glenn B