Thursday, May 6, 2010

Willie Nelson In New York City at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom

Saw him there tonight (now actually last night on Thursday the 6th) and he was absolutely excellent. I have been hoping to see him again ever since I saw him perform in a place I think was called the Palomino Club somewhere in New Mexico way back in the late 70s. I got my chance last night and took it. The money I spent on the ticket has got to have been the best money I have ever spent on entertainment in my life - I mean that most assuredly. Great , great singer and he was backed by a great band. Funny thing is, I am pretty sure that NYC was not on his 2010 tour. For some reason he played here and cancelled for somewhere in PA tonight (or so I heard someone say after the show who had tickets for the one in PA. Add that to the fact that I found out about the show pretty much on a fluke and you can bet I was one lucky guy.

I've got to hit the hay so I can get up early for my daughter's graduation for her Master's Degree tomorrow, but I will write more about Willie over the weekend. Before I go just let me say, man oh man I am happy to have gotten another chance to see him - great show.

All the best,
Glenn B