Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Reported Outrageous Tom Brokaw Comments About Gerald Ford's Children...

... are covered marvelously, as she usually covers any topic, on Debbie Schlussel's site @ The comments had to do with Gerald Ford's sons allegedly bringing dates into the White House, and maybe even to the Lincoln bedroom. It was, in my opinion, tasteless, but I would not expect more from Brokaw. One has to wonder if he is stoned when he makes comments like these.

It comes as no surprise to me that the ultra whacko liberal media, or should I just say the mainstream media (mainstream for the media anyhow), would come out with something as disrespectful as the remarks made by Brokaw virtually immediately after the death of a U.S. President, and one who was impeccable in character at that. If Brokaw really said that, he should be ashamed of himself, and he needs to apologize post haste. Of course, 'should be' and what he probably 'will be' are very likely far apart as I figure he is most likely proud of himself for being a flagrant mud slinger.

All the best,
Glenn B

It Is About Time That Some Nation Gets It Right... the war against Islamo-Fascism.

As per the article Ethiopians take key Somali town, found on the at

Ethiopian troops and Somali government forces have taken the strategic Somali town of Jowhar from Islamist militias.
Yes, in Ethiopia and Somalia they know that the threat is real, and they are facing it down with force as required. Once again Islamic Fascists have tried to conquer another country and place it under Islamic law, but this time they have failed so far.

Jowhar is a former stronghold of the Union of Islamic Courts, and its loss leaves the Islamists with control of little more than Somalia's coast.
Just note the name of the Islamic group that sought to take over in Somalia - The Union of Islamic Courts (UIC). Can you imagine that there are left wingers in this country who support Islamists with every breathg, yet those same people constantly harangue conservatives and Republicans here at home! Isn't it clear yet, that the goal of Islamic fascists is to conquer the world, and that maybe this is the goal of islam itself? Remember we are the Infidels as per the Q'ran. We must be dealt with by conversion or the sword - that is unless of course - we fight back and kick their butts before they have a chance to win.

Kudos to those in Ethiopia who have realized this. Now if only they can get their own acts in order and do something else good for their people.

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Glenn B

He was an impeccably respectable president,... fact there were no scandals in the Whitehouse of Gerald Ford that come to my mind right now.

He was a statesman and politician long before he became vice president or president.

He was the only president never to have been elected to either the position of vice president or president.

He was the president under whom the war in Vietnam ended, and he was loyal to our allies, even though that war was started and botched by others, he sensibly believed we should have seen it through:

"It has been said that the United States is overextended, that we have too many commitments far from home, that we must re-examine what our truly vital interests are and shape our strategy to conform to them..."

"I find no fault with this as a theory, but in the real world such a course must be pursued carefully. We cannot, in the meantime, abandon our friends while our adversaries support and encourage theirs.". (Do those complaints he mentioned sound familiar.)

His presidency had its controversy:

He was appointed to the vice presidency to replace Spiro Agnew who had left it in disgrace.

He took the presidential reins after the Nixon resignation.

He pardoned President Richard M. Nixon.

Very shortly thereafter, he pardoned the Vietnam war draft dodgers.

He had a very good outlook about government, later echoed by his intra-party rival Ronald Reagan:

"A government big enough to give us everything we want is a government big enough to take from us everything we have."

He helped tone down the nuclear threat.

He was a survivor.

He survived WWII in the U.S. Navy.

He survived media attacks that attempted to make him look as if he was physically bumbling and clumsy; yet all the while he was quite the adroit athlete. (Now as then, they in the mainstream media, do all in their power to distort the man at the helm when they do not agree with his policies. When they could not attack his impeccable character, they trumped up claims of his being physically clumsy, and sometimes apparently set him up to literally take a fall. )

He survived a Congress that was stacked in favor of the Democrats, and that had little regard for his views or his presidency; and he used his presidential veto 38 times while trying to do the right thing for the United States of America.

He survived two assassination attempts unharmed.

He survived a long time; he was the oldest living president, passing away at 93.

May the heavens receive him kindly.

My condolences to his family, loved ones, and to the nation; he will be sorely missed.

All the best,
Glenn B