Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kin Jong Un, What If It Is Not Just Hot Air Escaping A Blowhard...

...and what if North Korea nukes South Korea or Japan or both? I am not saying they are going to start a nuclear war, they have said so. For all we know, about Kim Jong Un, the psycho, in charge of N. Korea, he may just decide to do it; it may not be the same old bluff. After all, his father was a 100% wacko who hated freedom, the USA and most of the free world. He grew up in that atmosphere and that had to have molded him in a warped way. The thing is - he will never be exactly like his father and may, as most kids who admire their dads, try to be like him but also try to be better than him. In his eyes, better would likely mean starting WWIII instead of just being a masterful blowhard of the bluff.

One has to wonder, are we ready to become engaged in a world wide war or even in another regional one. My guess is that we are not, no matter how much the generals and the White House tell us we are capable. Call me cynical but the more they say we are ready, the more I doubt it. Same goes for the more they say it is just the same old rhetoric on the part of North Korea. Dick Chenney, and many others think it might be different this time because with the lack of our experience with the new North Korean leader and with our lack of intelligence on North Korea, it could go off differently than expected. Differently could well mean a country being nuked or an invasion of South Korea although all intel so far seems to indicate a missile test. Hopefully that intel is correct and it will be nothing more than a provocative test and Chenney's remark that we are in deep shit is off the mark.

Here is a timeline of the events so far that have led up to the point at which we now find ourselves.

Me, I am hoping for continued peace and also hoping our country is preparing for war because I believe that old saying about 'they who long for peace must prepare for war'.

All the best,