Thursday, September 20, 2012

Have You Ever Seen Muslims Burn Obama In Effigy?

I was visiting MA-rooned this evening, as I often do, since it is pretty much a daily read for me. Jay has an interesting post about Obama flags being sold from President Obama's official website. They are obviously based upon the flag of the United States of America. I think they are a disgrace as far as any truly red-blooded America should see them. They certainly seem to me to do grievous dishonor Old Glory. You can read Jay's post about the flag here.

This post is not about Jay's post nor about the flag he brings up in it. It is about a thought that crossed my mind after reading one of the sentences he wrote in that post. In the post, Jay says this: "It does make you wonder, though, if our response to the unrest in the Middle East would be different if they were burning Obama flags..."
That got me to thinking. Both you and I probably have watched the world news over the past couple of decades or more, and we all probably have seen many an American flag burned by Muslims protesting almost any policy of the United States imaginable. In fact, they burn our flag, over almost anything that disagrees with hardline Muslim tenets even if the disagreement is between the Muslim world and another country not the USA. In addition, you and I most likely have seen the burning of world leaders in effigy. The majority of those burnings, in all likelihood, would include representations of U.S. Presidents, including every one of them since at least Ronald Reagan up through George W. Bush and maybe even the current president - Barack Hussein Obama. I really should not say "maybe even the current president" as I am almost certain I once saw, maybe up to three times, by way of Fox News, his effigy being burned in a Muslim nation right after he became president. I kid you not, that is how many times I recall seeing him burned in effigy.
Now, think about that for a moment. How many times can you honestly recall having seen an effigy of President Barack Hussein Obama being burned by Muslims. Think hard on that subject and really be honest in your answer. There is no doubt that the Muslims who do these things and who perpetrate other abhorrent acts aimed at the USA, including acts of terrible violence such as the recent killing of American embassy personnel in Libya, have not abated one iota in their hatred of America since Obama became president. In fact, it seems that their hatred of the United States has gotten worse - and no I am not necessarily blaming president Obama for that, I think it will likely increase under any president until we kick their asses most profoundly as war seems to be what they understand. That though is a topic for another discussion. What I am addressing here is what seems factual to me, we just do not see news reports about the burning of president Obama in effigy. Why is that, do you think?
Is it because there are indeed as many burnings of his effigy as there were of other presidents, say for instance as many as there were of George W. Bush or Ronald Regan but for some reason we are not seeing them or hearing about them. That would beg the question, if there are nearly as many - why are they not making the news reports. Indeed, if there are as many, they certainly are not reported in the news with anywhere near the frequency that we saw such reports about George W. Bush being burned in effigy.  It seems that we got to see news coverage of him being burned, or I should say of his likeness being burned, at least bi-weekly while he was in office. Almost every time we got to see an American flag being burned by Muslims, there was the likeness of  George W. Bush hanging by a rope from a pole, that a Muslim was holding, as another poured gas on it, and yet another lit the match setting it all ablaze. If this is the case, then shame, shame, shame on the Mud Slinging Media Main Stream Media, and even on the not so main stream media, for not showing it all to us in living color with much more frequency. I mean, isn't it as news worthy when it happens to representations of our current president as when it happened to effigies of our former leader immediately previous to this one?
What if the above is not the case? What could be another reason for us not seeing burnings, in effigy, of president Obama? Could that reason simply be that there have been virtually no burnings of his likeness by Muslims? I suppose that is a possibility which would directly lead to a follow-up question of: "If so, then why not?". 
Would it indicate that Muslims around the world, hardline extremist Muslims at that (although I do not think them so extreme when Muslims are hardline but I digress), have a reason not to burn his likeness very often, certainly nowhere nearly as much as they did with the previous president? Would that reason be an affinity for President Obama? Bear in mind, before considering that question, or while considering it, that the Muslim world, on the whole, still hates America as much as it ever has, if not even more so, under President Obama. So what could it be that would make them not want to burn his effigy as much as that of our other leaders. Would it be because there is an inherent likeness between President Obama and the Muslim world? Is it because he is, or at least has been, a self-professed Muslim. Would it be because of the lame excuses and virtual apologies he gives for things like the violence that recently claimed 4 American lives in Libya. Would it be his saying things, in essence, like: 'here in America we respect all religions as much as the next and we abhor anyone who speaks out against a religion'? (As a side note, whom is he trying to kid - I seem to recall his own clinging to their guns and bibles quote - this guy is one hell of a bullshitter.)

All the while that he is placating the Muslims by saying how much we respect their religion, is he really saying that he respects a religion that, by the tenets of its holy book, plans to conquer the world, convert nonbelievers or kill them, behead blasphemers or converts to religions other than Islam and so forth! I cannot believe the words that come out of his mouth about how he respects Islam as our people are being killed by followers of that religion based upon their religious beliefs and at the same time he in essence apologizes for American exercising their rights under our Constitution as there is something wrong with our rights to things like free speech. At the same time, I would bet that the Muslims of the world believe him about his respecting Islam. Thus the reason they may not be burning him in effigy as much as his predecessors. I think it a definite possibility, that is, if indeed they do not burn his likeness nearly as much as they have our other leaders, that they don't do so because he respects their religion even at the cost of Americans losing their lives because of the practice of that faith. 
I think, that if it comes right down to it, there is a good chance that the media has had nothing to report because the Muslim world in fact loves President Obama as one of heir own. I find it hard to believe that the media would not show Muslims burning him in effigy in a good number of news reports, it seems it would just be too 'news worthy' for them not to show it. Heck, they still show American flags being burned, don't they? Still, the MSM here at home have shown other things that would tend to embarrass him or show him in a bad light but of course, They jsur do not show anywhere nearly as much as they did of George W. Bush and in that regard the media shows its extreme leftist bias. So, when it comes right down to it, the lack of seeing Obama burned in effigy all that often still begs the question - why do we not see his likeness burned as much as we saw it of our other leaders?
Again, is it the press that is withholding news worthy burnings of his likeness from us - for whatever reason? Maybe just because they think it unworthy news, all of a sudden. Or maybe because they find it distasteful, to show our president being burned in effigy, all of a sudden. Or maybe, as I suspect, as they have done for years, the MSM is showing its extreme leftwing bias and is doing so for the for the political advantage of President Obama. Are they trying to convince the leftists and the independents, in this country, those who may vote for him, that the whole world loves him and he is destined to be the great peacemaker between the USA and the Muslim world; that regardless of the facts showing him failing miserably with regard to relations between the USA and the Muslim nations of the world. Let's face it, under President Obama, those relations have grown considerably worse - take Pakistan for example and don't forget Egypt or Iran or Afghanistan or Iraq. Granted, those relations probably would grow worse under any president who did not take an extremely stern course in dealing with them but that has certainly not been course of the great apologist who is currently in office. 
Then again, the media may have nothing on which to report in this regard. Maybe it is just a fact that the Muslims are not burning President Obama in effigy anywhere nearly as often as they have our other leaders. Maybe that is truly because they consider him to be one of them. The way he has responded to the killings of our embassy personnel in Libya recently almost makes me think that has to be the case. It is a scary thought but one that the man himself seemingly keeps perpetrating - the thought that he is one of them as much as or more than he is one of us. It is the thought that the enemy is not only within the gates but sitting on the seat of power. That scares the heck out of me, it should scare the heck out of you too, if only because it is becoming more and more plausible and yet so many in our country are ready to vote him in for a second term.
All the best,
Glenn B

PS: By the way, I know that President Obama has been burned in effigy numerous times, though we did not usually hear about it or see it on the MSM. In addition, it  has not happened as often as was for his immediate predecessor and that is especially true of such burnings in the Muslim world. Here are search results using the same criteria for both BHO and GWB  (first name, middle initial, last name) followed by the exact same wording in each search and run on the exact same search engine, Bing, in exactly the same manner:

George W. Bush burned in effigy: 36,700,000 results
Barack H. Obama burned in effigy:  9,010,000 results

So please, if you comment, and want to show how many times President Obama was burned in effigy to disprove me, make sure to compare it to burnings of GWB, then show me how it happened to Obama just as often in the Muslim world and how it was reported on as frequently as those of GWB in the MSM, as opposed to other sources of information, or don't bother to argue because you would be off topic. If you do care to comment, discuss, argue, whatever your viewpoint, keep it respectful. If you must be disrespectful, you can just go fuck yourself instead of, and likely with much more success than, trying to have your comment seen here - just sayin'.

A Good Night's Sleep Has Eluded Me

I slept like crap last night. Got some sleep but kept waking up to reruns of Don Knott's movies. Finally shut of the TV but did not sleep any better once it was off. I am going to hit the hay and try to get in a few hours of quality sleep time once the wife heads to work and it is quiet around here again. If I am lucky, I can get in almost 3 good hours of snooze time before I have to get up for work.

All the best,

Three Schrade Knives - All Made In The USA

The three pictured knives were all part of my inheritance, from my late brother's estate. (That's a laugh, not that he is my late brother but that he had an estate.) Oh well, I got to pick some things I wanted like to keep from his belongings and three of the things I picked were these knives. All three are Schrades and all three were made in the USA. The two that are not in the packaging were made in the USA when everything about Schrade was still made in this country. The other one, well the knife was made in the USA but Schrade had already bowed to the pressures of our long weakening economy and started to have the packaging made in China (what a shame).

Neither of the two used ones are in great shape, one needs some work to remove some rust, and the other a bit of polishing up. The one in the package is like new, old stock. Sorry that I could not get a better pic of it through the packaging.

The knives are a bit special to me because, if I remember right, I gave all three of them to Ray a long time back. The first one I gave him was the Old Timer hunting sheath knife, the second one was the Schrade Scrimshaw and the last was the special edition that is still in the package. I know for sure I gave him the first and the third and am pretty certain I gave him the second one mentioned too. Without further jabbering on my part here are a couple of pics of the knives, now all family heirlooms I suppose.


I wish they still made them here. It was kind of nice to be able to buy relatively inexpensive knives, of decent quality, made not only in the USA but in New York State as well. My bet is that not only did federal taxes have them sell out to the Chinese but so too did the damned taxes in New York, some of the highest in the nation. Probably did not matter much in the long run, my bet is that within 10 years, New York will attempt to ban the sale and possession of just about any kind of knife imaginable.

At least we still have these - Old Timers not only by virtue of their name but by virtue of when they were made - in the Old USA.

All the best,
Glenn B

New Blogger / Google Format

I was more than happy with the old format for Blogger but now Google has come along and changed it. I imagine I will get used to it sooner or later now that it seems I am being forced to use it; I cannot find an icon to click that will allow me to continue to use the old format. Such an icon had been there, if it is still there I cannot find it. I signed on today, after cleaning my browser and such, and was brought to the new format. I have to wonder what the fuck is wrong with leaving something that was not broken just the way it was instead of fixing it. Goddamn liberals always have to be changing things and seemingly can never be satisfied with things the way they are. If they ever found themselves, in their, long sought after, Utopia, they wold not know what to do to enjoy it. Within a decade at most, probably much shorter a time frame, they would be condemning it as conservative and evil and George W. Bush's fault. Sooner or later, people should mature enough to realize that good enough should be left to stand for as long as it lasts.