Monday, June 25, 2012

Browning Citori Lightning Shotgun Repair Update

It was a week ago, this past Friday, that I sent my Browning Citori Lightning O/U shotgun into Browning for repair. By Wednesday of last week, I received an email from them acknowledging receipt of it at their facility. That was a nice touch, it is good to know the gun made it to them and better to know that they care enough about the customer (who would be me in this instance) to make that kind of notification. The email also explains that they will get to repairing it as quickly as possible but that repairs during or near the hunting season usually take longer due to volume at that time of year. In addition, they supplied my name, address, serial number of the shotgun, a reference number for my gun and a web password. I can enter those into a "Track Your Repair" site.

I am going to pause a moment here and do that before I write more...

Okay, that was easy. The result of a query of my gun shows that it was received on June 20th and is expected to be repaired by July 13th. The repairs they expect to make are shown as "MINOR REPAIRS" (that's a relief), current status is "JOB NOT STARTED" and their is a status notation saying that there is currently a backlog and the gun is waiting to be assigned to a gunsmith. Allowing the customer to check on the repair status is one heck of a professional customer service touch, probably saves them from taking a lot of phone calls too.

What a nice experience so far. I hope it stays this way. About the only things that could make this better, than them doing an inexpensive minor repair on my shotgun, would be for them to tell me it was covered under warranty and that they got it done a couple of weeks sooner than expected. Oh yeah, and that I won first prize in some contest I did not even know I entered and they are giving me the hunting trip of a lifetime with some free guns - or something like that.

All the best,
Glenn B

Glock 26 Sight Replacement Update

When I sent my Glock 26 slide assembly into Glock, I asked them to replace the night sights with normal sights. I expected to get what I thought were standard sights put on it to replace the malfunctioning Trijicon sights (the front sight had dimmed considerably). I figured they would be Glock manufactured iron sights. well, the slide assembly was returned to me last week with its new sights. They are made out of polymer. I was not happy, then I noticed a small amount of damage to the finish on the slide, damage that was not there when I sent it off to Glock. I just about had a shit fit. I sent off an email to Glock, that was last Wednesday, I think just about demanding they put iron sights onto it. I got a reply today apologizing and telling me that the polymer sights come standard on the Glock 26 as of late.

I don't believe it. That is that Glock has gotten that shitty as to put plastic (yeah I know, ploymer is not really plastic) sights on a defensive handgun. I will be sending it back to them for the iron sights as soon as I can get to UPS but first I am going to look to see exactly what sights they offer to make sure I get exactly what I want this time. To think, another 4 to 6 weeks before I get the slide back again after I send it in.  Now that I think of it, it actually was 7 or 8 weeks before I got it back even though they estimate a turn around of the shorter time frame. Shit, shit, shit Oh darn.

I must admit, the specific person, in customer service, with whom I am dealing at Glock has been very professional and courteous. My gripe with Glock is geared toward the company itself, going to Polymer sights on a combat/defensive handgun, how long they took for the turn around, and the minor damage to the slide. I have no problem at all with the rep who has been helping me, he has been stellar.

All the best,
Glenn B