Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Retirement To Me

Well almost. Today, I am putting in my retirement papers. I will actually have my last day at work on November 3rd and my retirement will become effective on November 4th. That is of course if the chemo does not kill me first and I am not kidding. I get my next session tomorrow and Friday - and two days after the first session, my heart rate fell to as low as 38! That was scary. Yet, the chemo doc absolutely refuses to admit that the drop in my heart rate and blood pressure (It fell too) was in any way related to the chemo. My cardiologist said if due to nothing else, it was due to dehydration caused by the chemo because the chemo had me whizzing about every 45 minutes on Friday, then about every half hour for about 16 hours on Sunday. So, if the chemo oncologist does not change or lower some of the crap I am going to get through the IV, I will refuse treatment this time around. Why? The cardiologist told me had my heart rate fallen just a few more beats my heart likely would have stopped and I really do want a happy retirement and that requires a beating and healthy heart!

Well, anyway, I am looking forward to retirement. Maybe not to the continued radiation treatments (which also have been effecting me badly earlier than normal according the the radiation oncologist) and chemo treatments but to the hopefully cancer free time after that and I am hopeful that time will be at least 20 to 25 years long. Retirement, sweet - sweet retirement.

All the best,