Tuesday, May 3, 2022

If The Supremes Overturn Roe vs Wade (RvW)...

 ...watching the result while consuming a weiss bier or cocktail (or three) could be quite the amusing thing to do as the libs lose it and go berserk and their heads explode. No, it would not be fun to see them hurting anyone - just to see their heads explode (figuratively of course). Sadly, such a decision just may be what is needed to spark the seemingly long brewing civil war between the left & right in this country; if not then certainly mass civil unrest. Now, that could be something to watch too or maybe even to legally join in to protect freedom, justice, our Constitution, America and Americans' lives (including unborn babies in the womb). 
Now don't get me wrong. I am no big opponent of abortion but nor am I a big proponent - at least in most cases. I can see allowing abortions to protect the life of the mother or in cases of rape, incest, pedophilia and also in some other limited cases. I cannot see allowing abortions as a method of birth control because some neanderthal was too stupid to use a condom, to pull out, to get a BJ or go anal instead or because some woman was so eager to spread her legs she dropped the pin between her knees (a Catholic nun thing in grammar school, they made girls who spread em while sitting in class hold a pin between their knees for a long time), or because a woman did not care to take female measures to prevent pregnancy (like the pill or use a diaphragm or some other form of birth control). 
What I am totally against is the federal government having gotten itself involved in the first place. I believe there is zero legal authority, within the Constitution (the basis of all federal authority), for the feds to be providing funding for abortions or to be allowing them or banning them - the issue of abortion should be up to each state to determine. If there is such legality specifically spelled out within that document - show it to me.

Some things I think you can expect though, if it does work out that the Supremes actually overturn Roe versus Wade are:
Huge protest marches consisting of a lot of woe is me types,

Protest marches that quickly become violent,
Outright riots by pro-abortion folks as if the protest marches will not disrupt things enough,
Riots by BLM types who undoubtedly will say such a decision is racist because they seem to do nothing else except race bait and  do not care about black peoples' lives,
Riots by ANTIFA types just for the sake of rioting and of course they likely will claim, ironically, that preventing the killing of as of yet unborn, but yet living, children is fascism at its height,
Riots by far right groups opposing the above groups,
Lots of police officers and National Guardsmen being wounded and some killed in the rioting,
Lots of arson to include of government buildings, political offices, police stations, abortion clinics, and so on,

Lots of other types of property destruction,

Churches & other houses of worship being defiled,
Lots of looting (after all, lefties will need diapers & formula for all those kids they will be having),
Several autonomous zones being formed by wacko lefties,
Governors of so called blue states doing almost nothing to put down rioters,
RINO's kissing the arse of lefties,
Possibly some assassinations, or attempts at such, of justices and politicians, and other pro-life supporters - maybe even some attempts at assassinating pro-abortion types,

Lots of innocent bystanders being injured,
Lots of arrests with very few lefties being held for a long term as have been the arrested folks of January 6 fame still being held without trial,

Lots of arsehat politicians whining, gnashing their teeth, wailing woe is our country and giving truly unbelievable vile speeches opposing such a decision,
Outright civil war on a large scale because abortion was essentially the mantra of the leftists - it really is one of the driving principles of being a lefty in this country,

Attempts at packing of the Supreme Court with as many lefty justices as is possible (before this coming November),

Calls for the Supreme Court to be dismantled and for the Constitution to be torn apart with hopes of anarchy reigning until the commies can take over,
The media loving every minute and stirring the embers until they burst into flames of civil war while blaming it all (or most of it) on Trump should the overturning of RvW become reality,
Zero chance of any calls by leftist politicians to label any civil unrest by abortion supporters as being an insurrection, 

And I guess there is an outside chance that the person or persons responsible for the leak of the draft will actually be discovered and prosecuted to the full extent of the law now that the Chief Justice has made the seriousness of the offense clear (source).
I may be wrong about all of that but those are what I think are quite possible outcomes, even likely ones (except maybe for the last one), should RVW be overturned. 
I have to say, it will be amazing to see how the left turns on the Supreme Court should RvW be overturned; heck they thought the Supreme Court was the cat's meow so long as it upheld what they say is a woman's right - one that amounts to the killing of unborn babies. if it really happens, then I also cannot wait to see how they attempt to trash Trump over this. As for me, whatever influence Trump may have had in such a decision only raises his pedestal higher as I see it. The federal government needs to get its nose out f business where it does no belong. Maybe next, and I know this is truly wishful thinking on my part, the Supremes can declare the departments of education & energy as unconstitutional and declare the 2nd Amendment and our RKBA as an unalienable right that rally cannot be infringed.

Edited On may 4, 2022, To Add: I forgot to mention, if this comes about there will be not only riots but armed insurgency from the left. Of course, the left will not call it an insurgency but probably will say it was a peaceful protest by folks armed only to defend themselves and they had to shoot down the evil folks who support life.

All the best,
Glenn B