Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Real Heroes Don't Always Get A Chance...

...to see the outcome of their heroics. Unlike the so called heroes of the athletic sports world, they do not always get the chance to sign balls at the end of the game. As opposed to actors who live in the land of make believe nor do they get to sign autographed photographs of themselves or win Oscars for their heroic roles. The truth is that real heroes are heroes because they have done something above and beyond what others would do and in doing so they put their lives at great peril. Some of them live through it but others sometimes do not.

Take for instance Dwayne Johnson of Colorado. He is a hero but sadly he never got to find out about the results of his heroism. You see, he was killed in an avalanche along with 3 other family members including his wife and two of their children. So what did he do that was heroic. Well, he grabbed his 13 year old daughter and shielded her body with his own. She survived. See:


That was heroic - hitting home runs, or playing a role in a movie is not.

All the best,
Glenn B

Their Wickedly Happy Smiles...

...make me wonder if their shooting coach was a real bastard who was downrange at just that moment as the picture was snapped (or maybe his ashes were already inside the urn trophy).
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Glenn B

Armed Babe Well Equipped For The Beach...

...both with eye catching swimwear and a stainless steel pistol - this lady...

Oh heck, what more needs be said!

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Glenn B

The Great Power Outage of 2013

The power went out, in our house, at about 6PM this evening. I almost immediately went outside to see if it was off at the neighbors' homes too. It was out. The lady across the street from us opened her door and asked me, is everyones' power out and I said yes. Then she asked what caused it and I said: "I don't know maybe it's zombies". You should have seen the look I got from her, she probably will never ask me another question!

Anyway, my son and I went outside and sat down at the table on the patio along the side of the house and talked about this and that while we enjoyed a few McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve Ciders by candlelight. We discussed the power outage, how it was maybe part of a government shutdown caused by Obummer or an outage due to a guy doing electrical work a few houses away. He checked with the power company on their website via his cell phone and they said the power would be off until 830PM and that only about 325 customers had been effected. I took a short walk and found that just over one block away, to the north, the folks had power. About 4 blocks to the south, there was power. Not sure how close eat or west the power was on but certainly not far. Made me seriously think that the guy doing electrical work a few houses over may have caused. He drove away before the lights came back on.

He checked again and they said it would be on by 730PM and poof, almost as soon as he had checked that second time, the lights came on and it was right about 730! It was scary for ab it there though, I had plenty of thoughts cross my mind as to the cause: Obummer having it shutdown so he could whine and moan how the Rebooblikans were responsible, the Red Chinese attacking us, the electrician or cable guy a few houses over, a terrorist attack, my bill payment being late, or the electric company just fucking up and cutting a line while working on the power somewhere nearby.  My guess is the last one but we will probably never know; I doubt the power was out long enough for this to become newsworthy and the electric company is not likely to explain it - they suck that way.

Anyway, they got it back on and the beer is once again being chilled and that is a good thing.

All the best,