Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Out Of All My Christmas Presents Ever...

 ...this one is the most unique, at least for me. You may have seen in one or more of my posts that I sometimes do not know what day it is. That's because unless I have an appointment, I do not usually need to know. I am retired so I do not need to know if it is a day I need to go to work (ha ha hardy ha ha), I do not need to know when it's laundry day, I do not need to know its the weekend (every day can be whatever day I want so every day can be Saturday or Sunday), being retired and not having many 'which day is it dependent obligations' means I do not care what day it is for the great majority of the time. I do try to remember when the liquor store is open (closed Sundays) and when it's Tuesday now & then so I can get Sonic's two for the price of one cheeseburgers but there is not much more when it comes to me needing to know what day of the week I am in and I often just do not know.
Now if a question arises as to which day it is, for whatever reason I need to know, I look at my cell phone to find out. Now though, I have a new way to figure out what day is taking place. 

One of my brothers-in-law sent me a wall clock. This one has a twist, it is not marked off in hours & minutes. Instead of hours and minutes it is marked off in days of the week. I don't know if this clock will be a curse or a blessing but I almost certainly will now readily know which day I am in. It was nice not knowing because I don't need to know but really except for knowing what day it is, this clock changes nothing. I love it.
All the best,
Glenn B
Did not buy any guns today but picked up my Chinese Military Type 56 SKS from my local FFL today. I had the high bid on this in the auction on November 26th. It looks new. The only two minor faults I found with it, on first glance, are that the bayonet looks rusted but then again on closer inspection it seems it may be a dried protective coating and not any rust at all. I will find out when I clean it. The other thing is a small amount of finish wear at a spot on the right side of the barrel where a rivet in the front leather sling strap rubbed against the metal. Otherwise, like I said it looks new, like it just came out of the factory (and who knows, with all the sneaky stuff the Chinese have reportedly been doing in our country as of late and with the borders wide open - maybe a Chinaman brought in a few thousand of them recently).


Sadly - gone are the days when one of these went for $155.95 shipped, that was the price I paid for each of the first three SKS rifles I bought, they were Yugoslavian SKS rifles with a grenade launcher. I purchased them back in November 2002. I paid considerably more for this one than I paid for all three of those Yugos combined but yet, I guess it was a decent price relative to how much they sell for now.
I've not really given it more that a cursory look. I still need to take a good look down the bore, field strip it, clean it and remove any cosomoline if I find any, put it back together and shoot it. That may not be until January as I am going t be very busy over the next few days getting ready for a trip to FL to visit my uncle in West Palm Beach. So, I may not have the time to make a range trip. That's okay though, it gets me back into my comfort zone as THE Great Procrastinator.

All the best,
Glenn B