Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A College Graduate From A State University Might Get My Vote For President...

...and I might even consider voting for someone without a college degree. I almost certainly will not vote for anyone who is a lawyer or has a law degree and would be reticent though to vote for another moron with a graduate degree from an Ivy League college. The truth is that every president subsequent to Ronald W. Reagan went to an Ivy league school, the most recent attending the cream of that crop - Harvard. Most of them were fairly moronic, even the better ones and some such as Obama, Clinton and G.W. Bush range from absolutely terrible, to very terrible, to fairly terrible respectively. Besides being a graduate of an Ivy League school, Harvard, the current arsehat also holds a law degree. More here.

My thanks and a hat tip to Peter Q. for the link to that article.

All the best,
Glenn B