Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Can You Do The Burqa Bungle

The woman who is the subject of this video reportedly up in her alleged attempts to file false claims of racism against an Australian Police Officer. Watch the video at the below link, but read this first:

This is the type of crap that good law enforcement officers have to put up with all to often; and the cop in this video was obviously doing it all the right way as far as showing respect to the woman went.

The video is not dated, but there is a time stamp on the police cruiser video showing the event took place in July 2010; then the reporter says it happened 5 months ago which would seem to indicate this report is very recent.

Out of all the stuff in the video, the bearded Muslim guy near the end, who says that the judge should show compassion for the woman's children and drop the jail time, is the thing that gets me most. Did that woman, or the guy trying to get compassion for her kids, ever once stop to think that the officer might be married with his own children and how false accusations would have effected them had the accusations stood up. I doubt it and if she had thought of it my guess is it probably brought her pleasure to think the infidel's children would suffer.

Of course, there is also her lawyer's claim that another burqa clad woman filed the charges - not his client. I have often wondered just how ridiculously licentious a lawyer could get - now I know at least until another goes lower. I have put up with the likes of him for 31 years now and they never cease to amaze me as to how low they can go.


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