Wednesday, June 26, 2019

I Changed The Clock... my car today while driving west somewhere in Kentucky. I'm well on my way to Benton, AR, my temporary stomping ground until I get an apartment either in TN (yes I can spell Tennessee) or TX. Every other time I've visited Brendan in Benton, I kept NY time on the dashboard clock and depended on my phone for local time. This time is a bit different as I am not returning to my residence in NY since the sale of our the house closed yesterday.

Odd feeling it all is; I had thought once I had left NY, we would be separated legally by mutual agreement and I'd not be going back soon. That all potentially changed when divorce papers wete served on me. So, I may have to go back for court and or to hire an attorney. Hopefully we can still resolve it more or less amicably by way of a mutual agreement. 

As for the clock, I am not changing it back, it will stay on central time and if I go back to NY, I will use my phone to tell time there.

All the best,
Glenn B