Saturday, May 8, 2010

School Is Almost Out...

...and that means it is no wonder that I have been feeling like taking a road trip as of late. No, of course, I am not in school but my traveling companion, fishing buddy, fellow canoeist (the few times we go) is about to be let out for the summer so the time is right. Come to think of it, he mentioned something about a road trip recently and now that we stopped by a kind of local Hyundai dealer today and put some cash down on a new Elantra Touring Hatchback/Wagon (or whatever they call it), I suppose a road trip to break in the car would be in order. Nothing extravagant - maybe the arctic circle up north in Canada or maybe Alaska - only kidding. If we go I am pretty sure it will be much closer to home though not too close. Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley come to mind, or maybe FL if I can get the time off, or even just good old upstate NY. Then again, maybe someplace that Brendan has never been to before such as Bar Harbor, ME or someplace both of us have never been to before like Mackinaw, MI or Hannibal, MO (think big catfish). If we do go for a road trip soon, hopefully it will end up near a good fishing hole with a canoe outfitter nearby and us with a couple of sticks and a can of worms.

All the best,