Tuesday, January 19, 2021

I've Listened To The Pillow Guy Before...

 ...on shows like Hannity and maybe with Mark Levin. He is an American success story. He was a junkie who quit the habit, beat his addiction and then who became a successful business man. He is Mike Lindell of MyPillow.com fame. He has a problem though - he is a conservative. Normally that would not be a problem just as being a liberal or a middle of the road type in politics would not be a problem. So exactly what is the problem with him being a conservative - well, the left is seemingly trying to destroy his business from what I have seen. Several nationwide retailers have suddenly dropped his products (source). I find that not at all odd since that is happening exactly at the same time that the left is hoping to deprogram us - us being Trump supporters & conservatives in general and at the same time the left is doing an awful lot to try to silence those on the right such as their attack on Parler that resulted in its shutdown. They are going to keep pushing like this all the while never giving a serious thought as to the outcome. That I am afraid will be a civil war or other insurrection.

For now, I think I am going to order at least one pillow from MyPillow.com - may as well support our own kind and say FUCK YOU to the left while doing so.

Note was just at the MyPillow site and am about to buy a pillow but also am buying another product he sells called Bleed Stop. Sounds like a good thing to have in the first aid kit.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Dabble In The Stock Market...

 ...and I do mean I dabble in that I invest in stocks in close to the most superficial way. In November I put 4K into my account and a day or three ago I put another 1K into it, the total I put in was 5K. Right now, my stocks have a value just over 7K. Earning 2K since November with so small an investment makes me happy, kind of wish I had been brave enough to invest more in the same stocks (VSTO, OLN, MRO, BP, VXLLF and HPE).

Of course, I also sell stocks when I think it wise. I just sold off one of the ones I liked the most if not actually THE most. It made me money early last year but I sold it all when it was up high enough for me to consider selling it, that was sometime last year but then I wound up buying more recently (November) and it made me money again. Not much profit - only about $155 net but a gain is a gain and puts a smile on my face. 

Did I mention I really liked the stock? It is VSTO (Vista Outdoor Inc.), the company that runs Federal Ammo and such. I only had 30 shares and did not much want to sell it but tomorrow is Biden's day and who knows how long it will be before the demoncrats attempt to pass (and may well pass) all sorts of anti-gun legislation. The one I am most concerned about is a tax on ammo; Schumer has been trying to pass one for years, he tried for a 35% tax on it last year but failed. Now that the dems will control both houses of Congress and the White House I felt it prudent to sell that stock because if they actually do legislate a high tax on ammo, my guess is that stock prices for corporations like Vista Outdoor Inc., OLIN Corp. (the company that runs Winchester), Smith & Wesson Brands Inc and Ruger will fall fast and just about hit rock bottom. Well - maybe not rock bottom if any of them hold government contracts but their values will fall and fall a lot or at least I think so.

I do not really know the stock market, who does! Thus, my logic on when & what to buy and sell could be very faulty. I may wake up tomorrow and find VSTO stock has gone through the roof and if it does - oh well - at least I took home some profit today. 

I also have invested in some other things as of late though - semi-precious metals & plastics. As a recent prior blog post of mine explained, I bought a bunch of AR and AK magazines last week because I expect them to be in short demand soon. I also have been buying ammo, a goodly amount of it too. For instance, just yesterday, I ordered 480 rounds of 7.62X54R brass cased ammo  (too bad it is Berdan primed but at least it's made by Prvi Partizan) at a decent price. The price was actually the best price shown on AmmoSeek for any and all 7.62X54R ammo they had indexed. I may have to make a few more ammo purchases today regardless of the current inflated prices, once again I am hedging my finances and my ammo stock with such purchases based on my belief that the demoncrats are going to implement a huge federal tax on ammunition and that they will do it soon.

Anyway, say goodbye to normality today because this may be the last day you see anything even close to normal (and heck there is not much of that even now) once Biden has been sworn in.

All the best,
Glenn B