Thursday, April 26, 2018

Ballseye's Thougts On The Mythology Of Global Warming...

...or Climate Change, if you prefer, are fairly succinct and to the point. If indeed they are real phenomena, then do not blame them on mankind but put the blame where the blame is due - square on the shoulders of that thieving bastard of a Titan - Prometheus.

Prometheus stole meat and fire from Zeus and give it to mankind and because of that all the frigidity in the world began. It was as punishment to man that Zeus created Pandora and sent her - the first woman - into the world.  If you know Greek mythology you know that Pandora unleashed all the evils onto mankind that still plague us today and we only have Prometheus' thieving ways to thank for that punishment.

Now mind you, Prometheus was punished too and suffered for a long time because of that theft. Luckily for him though, Heracles freed him from his misery. Heracles though did nothing to free mankind from the scourge known as women.

So tell me, how can you blame mankind for trying to warm things up a bit after women were created!
 All the best,
Glenn B