Sunday, February 26, 2017

Leftists Are Insidious...

...and I believe they are here stirring the melting pot and trying to get it not just to boil over but to explode. Take for example the call for a March 8th strike by the woman of the USA. A massive and possibly militant strike is being planned against not only Republicans like President Donald Trump but against liberals as well (source). In other words - it is in essence a strike against all of us or in my opinion a call for anarchy and disruption with the ultimate intent of toppling the government.

According to this NY Post article, among the reported co-authors of the call are Angela Davis (reportedly a former member of the Communist Party USA - source), Tithi Bhattacharya (who reportedly has praised Maosim - source the same NY Post article) and Rasmea Yousef Odeh (a convicted terrorist who allegedly fraudulently gained U.S. citizenship - source).

A revolution in this country may be coming sooner than expected my friends - and I believe it may soon come to pass that these and others may attempt to overthrow our Constitutional Republic by any means possible, including violent ones. At the very least - I think we should expect them to make further attempts to destroy what unity there is among us and that they will, in my belief, almost undoubtedly resort to violent means in their continued attempts to do so. I think we need to be prepared to defend ourselves and our country by any legal means. Stay vigilant, stay safe and remain at the ready.

All the best,
Glenn B