Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Something Else Over Which Obama Can Apologize

A suspected WWII bomb has exploded, in a factory in Bangkok, Thailand, after workers reportedly tried to cut it open with a blowtorch. It is a shame this happened and that at least seven folks are reported dead and 19 other injured so far but it is also a shame that people can be that ignorant of what a WWII type bomb looks like. If they actually knew it was a bomb and then decided to use the blow torch to cut it open, that too was a shame but was also undeniable sheer stupidity.

Either way, I can imagine Obama bowing and on his knees over this one, they are implying it was a bomb dropped by the USA on Japanese forces in Bangkok back in WWII.


All the best,

The Governor's Arrogance Toward NY (un) - SAFE Act Protestors

I attended the rally, in Albany, NY yesterday, opposing the NY (un) SAFE Act. I went there along with a busload of LIF members. There were a few indications of just how much NY state government sucks, in its arrogance and in its contempt for the rights loving people of NY (and our out of state supporters). For those who did not attend, let me tell you what, in my opinion, the state government did to show us added disrespect yesterday over and above other insults at previous similar rallies:

1. Moved the rally to Empire State Plaza away from the governor's office where he and his cronies in the legislature would not be inconvenienced by having to hear us.

2. Moved us to a location where we could not be seen by passersby on the streets (we usually get a lot of support from them). The location also prevented the media from hooking up to their vans for power but that was probably of little consequence since their were very few media types there.

3. Had us in a location where vendors could not set up their food trucks.

4. Had signs almost everywhere announcing that anything even appearing to be a weapon, including toy guns, was VERBOTEN FORBIDDEN (their choice of words reminds me of another oppressive regime in history). Not even a hint at any legal authority, to stifle free speech and one's right to keep and bear firearms (or toys), relative to that order was quoted on those signs.

5. The above sign even forbade off duty police from carrying - an apparent stab at the several NY State sheriffs who showed up in opposition to the NY (un) SAFE Act and to lend their strong support of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. As one sheriff commented while on stage, when is a police officer off duty!

6.  Had a minimal amount of state troopers assigned there in uniform to seek out for assistance in the event of some sort of emergency - even fewer than at previous rallies.  Note, I said uniformed but there appeared, at least to me, to be several in plain clothes officers in the crowd.

7. Did not have a single porta-potty set up in sight of the event location. I was tempted to relieve myself on a Cuomo dummy hung in effigy but was able to resist and seek out a public toilet that was a pain in the arse (no pun intended) to find.

My guess is that all that was planned, by Cuomo and his minion, to disrespect and inconvenience rally participants and treat us like fools on April Fools' Day. Maybe it's just me who thinks he would be so trivial and arrogant, maybe Cuomo really is a sweetheart of a tyrant  governor. Then again, apparently others felt the same way or even worse about him. The below was the best sign at the rally, quite possibly an original as I saw no copies of it, and it just about sums it all up about how I feel about his highness Cuomo:

I don't know who they are but they deserve an award for that sign. Thanks guys.

Glenn B