Thursday, January 4, 2018

Old Man I Am

But I don't give a shit about your life if you're a snowflake - today in the middle of a snowstorm or on a hot summer's night!

There ain't no snowflake that has ever been a lot like me or anyone whom I respect. So, while I maybe liked this song when young, the more I think of it now, the more I can say fuck Neil Young and his liberal hippy agenda. If that makes you scream out that you are melting - fuck you too.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Hard To Tell...

...but I am going to guess we have had 7 to 8 inches of the white mess so far today. I am guessing there were at least 3 to 4 inches when I first shoveled this morning and another 4 inches when I shoveled again. I finished shoveling just minutes ago before pouring myself a soothing libation only seconds ago. I need the healing elixir for my aching back. It is not aching all that much but enough to make me want to make it stop the aching now instead of it getting worse then trying to ease the aches and relax it later.

Kind of early for one - yes it is but under these circumstances I will allow myself to indulge in a few ounces of Emmet's Irish Crème Liquor, a half cup of coffee and a very generous dollop of Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum (probably better for me, if not more effective, than an oxycodone). I have had that bottle of rum for maybe two years now and was saving it for something special, then my son came home for Christmas and someone (I suspect him) opened it and someone (or two) drank 2/3 to 3/4 of it while he was here (I suspect he had help from my son-in-law). Anyway, before today, I had one small sip of it just to taste it when I realized it was disappearing way too quickly. I must say, it is delicious and goes nicely in my semi-medicinal back ache curing (I hope) concoction of today. I also must say, I need to get another bottle or three of it, one for drinking and one or two for my emergency/party supplies.

As for my plans to maybe clean some guns today - there will be absolutely no gun cleaning or diddling with guns in any manner now that I have partaken in the nectar of the gods. That is at least not until about 3 or 4 hours after I finish my self-made elixir. Mind you, that may mean not even thinking about guns for the rest of this snow storm (they are calling it a blizzard but I think snow storm more appropriate right now). Just about the only thing I have had to do with guns today was to send my son some information about a website I use that is essentially the Consumers' Reports about firearms: Excellent site, in my opinion, to find out whether a firearm you want to purchase is a piece of crap or a reliable shooter and a keeper.

I may yet get to one or two other chores around the house today. Sanding a botched plaster job - that my electricians did, a couple or few months ago, to fix a previous job they already had botched is one of them. I may or may not get done but at least I am thinking about doing it and yes, I am The Great Procrastinator (as I have undoubtedly told you before)! I also may think of or stumble across something else to do; hopefully something that does not require too much bending since my back is already aching from shoveling or I may not (probably will be my preference once the booze kicks in). Most certainly, as long as I am still breathing, I will do more shoveling - that just has to get done. They keep saying to expect up to 16" of the white mess and I can tell you - I am not looking forward to another 8 or so inches of it, maybe deeper if it drifts deeper onto my property.

As for other important matters, in our lives here, I can only hope that there is enough oil in my tank to last until my next oil delivery. My oil company promised a fill-up by 6PM yesterday and we are still awaiting it. Oh well, there is enough of the Irish Crème Liquor and rum to make it at least until tomorrow and while it may not keep me warm it maybe will keep me from feeling the frostbite.

All the best,
Glenn B

No Work Today

Yep, no work today because there is apparently too much of the white stuff expected for them to open. No worries here except I am losing a day's pay that I really need right now to help catch up on bills. While that kind of sucks, it is okay by me anyway because I can get some stuff done at home. Let's see, I can pay some of my remaining monthly bills - got most of 'em paid on the 1st but heaven knows enough still  are due. I can also sand down, fill over if needed and paint over a plaster mess the electricians left in a couple of holes when they undid a screw-up one of them did (hell that was months ago - forgot all about it until now). I can also clean some guns, they need their seasonal maintenance. Vacuuming the basement is another chore needs doing. Then there is shoveling that white stuff. I cleared a few inches this morning but it already looks as if my shovel and I were never there today. I'll do it again before too long, keeps me busy and makes it a bit easier once it is all over and  have to shovel for the last time today. The 8 to 16" they expect around here is a bit too much to handle all at once. I maybe could even start to set up my reloading table although I think that better left until a weekend.

Then again, I could sit around on mine arse and do little to nothing all day and believe me that is quite tempting. I think I will do that for an hour or so here on the computer and then get some chores done that need doing. I mean why waste the whole day as I have done too often in the past.

All the best,