Thursday, April 19, 2018

End of Watch - Two Officers Down

There were times in my career as a federal agent that I truly wondered about my safety. Those times virtually all involved specific incidents in which I was confronted, directly or indirectly, by violent criminals in the course of my duties. In other words, things happened during surveillances, arrests, raids and so on that gave me grave concern about my safety and the safety of brother and sister LEOs. 

I do not think though that there was ever a time when I thought, while sitting in a restaurant, that I might be eating my last meal because I was worried about some psycho coming up and shooting me at that moment. It's not I am saying I did not try to remain 
vigilant at all times but man oh man when you are sitting down to a meal you are usually somewhat relaxed, even while in uniform with that target your badge pinned to your chest. Today  likely was no different for two officers in Florida - at least as to whether or not they thought they were eating their last meal. They were just two 
LEOs enjoying a meal, then the nightmare happened, it became their last meal:

"Sergeant Noel Ramirez, 30, and Deputy Taylor Lindsey, 25, of the Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office were murdered while they ate in a restaurant on Thursday.

"Gilchrist Sheriff Bobby Schultz released a statement saying that the two deputies were eating inside of the Ace China restaurant in Trenton at around 3:00 p.m.

A gunman approached the building and opened fire on the two deputies through a window in an ambush attack." (Source).

Both of the officers succumbed to their wounds. The suspect was found dead. The motive is unknown. The investigation has just begun. There likely is not one LEO in this country who will hang up his gun belt and surrender his badge because of this. They indeed are a rare breed of brave souls; they face too much of this in today's world yet carry on.

Stop and say a prayer for them and their surviving families and loved ones. If not inclined to pray, keep them in your thoughts and well wishes.

All the best,
Glenn B

If I Had Lied Under Oath...

...during a federal investigation, while a federal LEO (which I was for 32+ years), I would not only have been fired, I likely would have been prosecuted. That by the way would have been for just one such offense. It has been reported that the DOJ Inspector General has recommended former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe be criminally prosecuted for their determination that McCabe:

"... lied to investigators or then-FBI Director James Comey four times, three of them while under oath,..." (source).


"The IG’s report said that one of McCabe’s lies “was done knowingly and intentionally.”" (source)

It think it does not look good for Mr. McCabe.

All the best,
Glenn B

NYs Gov. Cuomo Is An Arsehat & Proves Himself... be one on a regular basis. His latest reported proclamation that he is undocumented and his alleged dare for someone to arrest him (source) is not only proof of what an arrogant piece of dirt is he but also was insulting to American citizens, legal immigrants and even, in a twisted way, to illegal aliens who actually are criminals. Oh yeah, there's probably a good chance, by my guess, he is a criminal too - just not the type he implied.

All the best,
Glenn B