Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monsters Among Us - How Friggin Sick Can We Become...

...before we start ripping out and destroying the truly malignant members of our society. If the suspect, in the article at this link (be aware this link describes an alleged horrific crime against an infant), is convicted of sexually abusing his alleged 1 year old victim and causing the alleged injuries then, I think, 5,000 lashes followed by a slow and torturous death would be too good for him.

But you know, as well as do I, that some ultra douche-bag of a whining mealy mouthed leftist liberal apologist will try to make him out as a socially tormented and victimized youth who needs our love, guidance and understanding to try to turn him into a sensitive and useful member of our currently sick society. If up to me, he would get a very swift trial, and then, if found guilty, a swifter running through of appeals and a none too swift and very public execution. Maybe first, if found guilty, he should be left in the general population of a major prison for about a week with minimal supervision but I suppose that would be illegal or unethical or immoral. Yep, I wouldn't mind that at all but I would settle for doing it legally and frying him as soon as possible if he was to be found guilty and the death penalty was an option. As per the article, i looks as if the death penalty is not an option in this particular case and the most he can face, if convicted, is life in prison with maybe some additional years tagged on.

Now think about this all for a minute, isn't it about time we started killing off all the weeds at every opportunity. I mean legally too, but I also mean isn't it about time we changed our attitudes, our ethics, our morality not to tolerate the monsters among us and to weed them out whenever we could do so legally. We aren't doing it now, but I think we should be, because if we were doing it there probably would literally be tens of thousands of criminals less in our jails and on our streets, heck maybe hundreds of thousands less.

All the best,
Glenn B