Saturday, May 22, 2021

It Is Hypocritical Beyond The Scope Of My Imagination...

 ...and my imagination runs pretty wild at times. The fact that the Biden Administration has essentially opened our southern border to any scum that wants to enter our country; yet, has just extended a nonessential travel ban to Mexico and Canada by U.S. Citizens is not only two faced - it is absolutely absurd. More at the source
What is it they are attempting to do or saying they are accomplishing with an extension of this Covid-19 related travel ban. Are they going to claim they are protecting the citizenry of our nation by making it less likely for someone to go to a third world dump like Mexico and then contract Covid-19 and thus maybe bring it back to the US of A to infect others. If that is their claim, well then that, of course, would be preposterous. The tsunami of illegal aliens that is gushing out of Mexico into the US is essentially unchecked and is probably an excellent vector for the Novel Corona Virus and scores of other diseases, maladies and parasites. 
At least any travel ban under President Trump was also backed up by his tough policies against illegal entry into the country by the scum of the earth. Yes I believe that anyone whose first act on American soil was a crime (and yes illegal entry is a crime) is the scum of the earth. Lest you think that is not enough reason to call them such - just take a look at what Biden has invited here - more future welfare recipients, criminals, terrorists and such.
Think about what should have been done by him had he really and truly wanted to improve the lives of deserving individuals by way of immigration. He could have just as easily told each  and every person - who had followed all the rules, who had legally filed applications for entry to the USA and who was qualified to legally immigrate to the USA - that they need not wait another minute let alone the many years it takes most of them to be cleared to immigrate here and he could have allowed them to enter legally immediately! 
Why not do that for those who did everything right! They have waited (many of them for years already) to be granted the honor and privilege to come here and what does Biden do - essentially tells them to fuck off and wait longer (and yes, because of the illegals who are supposedly being processed, each person who has applied for legal entry must wait even longer to come here). Why? Because he has opened our borders to the scum of the earth. 
Don't tell me it is a humanitarian effort on Biden's part to save the downtrodden. He could have more easily and less expensively sent aid to them in their own countries rather than have them invade our border states and instantly become wards of the state. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder and he suffers from it more than most in my opinion.

All the best,
Glenn B