Saturday, January 27, 2007

Busy Day Today... I did not get a chance to write until tonight. I went out to a few tag sales this morning, and I picked up a few items. Then I went to visit my mom, sister, brother-in-law and nephew.

As for the tag sale, I think in all I got 4 books, one old fashioned hand press juicer by Wear-Ever, and a beautiful vase for my darling wife Linda. I got em all for the whopping price of $10!

The books I picked up were: Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, Paddy's Lament by Thomas Gallagher, and Tales of Mystery by Edgar Allan Poe. I plan to read Of Human Bondage if only because I enjoyed one other book I read that was by Maugham - The razor's Edge. I also plan to read Leaves of Grass as I probably never read anything by Whitman except in school many years ago. The Poe book, well I probably have read all the stories in it; I thought it was an older edition possibly worth something, but it is not. As for Paddy's Lament, I have it up for auction on Ebay right now. I'll probably also auction off the juicer, that is after I clean it and try it out on some oranges or lemons just for some nostalgic fun.

As for the vase, well I figure it was worth the cost of all the items combined. I don't know if it really would cost $10 or not, but my wife liked it. Of course you may not agree that it was worth it, but you can judge for yourself by looking at the picture. It is about 10 inches tall. The design is not painted on the glass, it is actually inside the glass, kind of neat however they did it. It will probably look a lot better with flowers in it.

Too bad it does not say Tiffany and Co. somewhere on it, that would make it look even better than having flowers in it. Oh well, I guess I have been watching too much of the Antiques Road Show, and too much of Cash in The Attic. Yet, as I said, the wife likes it, and that is what counts!

All the best,
Glenn B