Friday, June 30, 2023

This Man Was Very Lucky Because..,. probably can safely bet that almost every member of the jury had been somewhat prejudiced against him before they ever sat in the courtroom. I think he was almost immediately crucified by his superiors, other police officers, parents of victims, the public in general and the media (especially by them) as having essentially cowered & turned his back on the students being shot in the Parkland School shooting. As it turned out, it seems that many witnesses of those terrible events that day agreed with school resource officer Scot Peterson in as much as their testimony supported his claims that he was unable to determine from where the shots were coming and thus the reason he did not run toward the source of those shots. More at the source.
Of course, a prosecutor, maybe or maybe not lying through his pie hole, allegedly (I read that somewhere but cannot find it again) told the jurors that police officers are trained to locate from where gunshots originate. In, in sum & substance, he was implying (it seems) that the testimony of a few to several witnesses - who all thought the gunshot sounds were coming from different places than from where they actually came - was to be disregarded because they did not have that special training. Well, if it is true the prosecutor said that: I'd like to know which department(s) he is talking about. Maybe that is SWAT level training but in my 32 years in law enforcement, with 16  years of collateral duties as a firearms instructor,  I never heard of anything as preposterous as a law enforcement officer, in general, being trained to determine from where gun shots are coming in such a situation where the acoustics obviously were quite different depending on the location of each person who heard those shots.
The thing about a prosecutors opening & closing statements though is that they are not evidence nor are they given under oath. Many times though, jurors will be swayed by those arguments acting as if they are evidence. In this case though, it seems there were enough witnesses who also were confused as to where those shots came from to help exonerate Mr. Peterson. So - no jail time, he continues to receive his pension and he has been found not guilty of all criminal charges and there were several of them. Of course, he probably has huge attorneys' bills to pay off unless he was covered due to his employment. He also may face civil litigation (again unless covered by his employment and many law enforcement jobs do cover officers acting within the scope of their duties as it appears he did so now that he was found not guilty). If he is sued civilly, it will be another thing altogether than was his criminal prosecution. Many parents of victims seem to essentially want his blood.
Now don't get me wrong; while he was found not guilty criminally, it does not mean that he did everything right and nothing wrong. I think he could have and should have done more - first of all by entering the school - but that's merely my personal opinion. Who knows, had he done so he may have saved lives, then again - maybe not. Whatever, he has to live with what he did or did not do for the rest of his life.
All the best,
Glenn B

A Little Late Morning , Early Summer, Enjoyment

 For all these years, up through a moment ago, I had thought it was Mongo Jerry and my eyes have finally been opened to see it was Mungo Jerry all this time! 




I'd just about swear I saw Santana perform in Central Park NYC in the 70s at an ice skating rink on the east side of the park. It was an essentially unannounced concert until the last minute. Thing is, we may have gotten there and the show maybe was cancelled. Damned if I can recall for sure, for some reason memories of what went on that day are foggy at best.

 How high was he when he performed this version!!! If he was not on drugs, as some have told me he did not use, he had amazing stamina.

Sadly for me, I have only seen six of these groups live and there is no way to see many of them ever again. At least we can listen to them though and find enjoyment in what music they gave us. The ones I saw in concert are: The Grateful Dead (must have seen them 12 to 15 times or so), Marshal Tucker Band (a couple or few times), Hot Tuna (two or three times), Jefferson Airplane (twice), The Rolling Stones (once), Black Sabbath (once and I was very happy to have my son with me during their final tour). As I said above, maybe Santana was number 7!

All the best, 
Glenn B

Monday, June 26, 2023

I Am Not A Flag Waver...

 ...but I do try to show respect for the American flag. After all, it is the symbol of our great nation from its founding, as expressed in the 13 stripes  representing the 13 original states, through today with the stars within the blue field, the Union, representing the union of all current 50 states (no Mr. Obama there are not 57 states). 
 So, when a merchandiser uses that symbol in an obvious attempt (as I see it) to solely attempt to increase profit  - on or around the founding day of our country July 4th -  I say fuck him I am not knowingly going to be buying a thing from that merchandiser. In this case, I specifically direct that opinion toward Troy Aikman.
Now that he owns a U.S. based brewery, he is placing American flags on the cans of beer he produces and trying to make it appear as if, or so it seems to me, he is being, and his beer somehow is, patriotic.
I do not mind businesses using images of our flag in advertising or on their products. What I mind is when they do it and then boast about doing it to appear patriotic when my guess is that the underlying reason they are doing so is to increase profit. The perfect example of such happening seems to me to be Troy Aikman appearing to be doing that right now just before Independence Day with his beer. More at the source
Mr, Aikman, in essence, has called out non US beer brands for doing so, putting an image of the U.S. flag o their products, but the thing is, he apparently is doing everything the same except that his company is based here within the USA. That, in my view, does not give him free license to exploit the patriotism, our flag or Independence Day.
I would think, a good and truly patriotic citizen, who knows how to respect our country, our flag and our Independence Day and who truly cares about them would never exploit them to such an extent as I think he is doing. I believe he is doing exactly that thought in order to increase his profit and to diminish the profits of other companies doing the same because their beers being made abroad. 
As an American citizen (and I am assuming he is one), who apparently considers himself a patriot, I think he should hang his head in shame because while those foreign companies should not exploit our flag, I am of the strong opinion that a truly patriotic American Citizen should not do so either because a true patriot should know better, know enough about flag etiquette and care about our country enough never to do so himself in the manner that Mr. Aikman appears to me to be doing it right before Independence Day! 
All the best,
Glenn B


Were They Too Tight To Put A $5.00 or $10.00 Lock On...

 ...the breaker box that controlled the electricity for a fridge that had over a million dollars worth of experimental samples within it? The they being the  owner(s) of, managers of, or scientists who worked in the research facility that just lost 1 million dollars worth of lab samples, I think only in part, due to janitor error. More at the source
You would think that the rocket scientists folks who ran that lab and or those who ran the experiment would have had the smarts to put a lock on the box so there could be no unauthorized access to it, thus assuring that an alleged mistake like the one reportedly made by the janitor could not happen. Well, at least would not happen unless someone purposely broke the lock. I doubt the janitor would have resorted to breaking the lock; the guy reportedly thought he was doing a good thing by turning on the breakers when he in fact was turning them off. 
Another thing that should have been done which seems unlikely to have been done, in my opinion, is that any staff who could access the room(s) in question should have been briefed beforehand as to what they could touch & operate and as to what they could not. That would be one of the very basics of assuring that such a mistake would not have been made and thus such an expensive amount of scientific samples would have more likely survived unmolested. My guess is such training was not given but that is just a guess.
So, as I see it, it is not solely the fault of the janitor if in fact the janitor's fault at all. Sure he allegedly screwed up but he would not have been able to screw up, or at least been much less likely to do so, had the lab owners/managers or those running the experiment(s) done anything at all to actually physically secure the power source to their precious samples and maybe to train the staff. Of course, despite them seeming to me to be at least partly at fault, maybe more so than was the janitor through their possible negligence (at least for the possible lack of a lock and possible lack of proper training), it is probably very doubtful that those genius eggheads folks will ever admit any fault in this matter if they in fact did not have the box locked and never gave such training.
All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, June 23, 2023

When I Was A Federal Agent, It Was An Offense...

 ...for me, as a federal agent, to associate with convicted criminals - felons for sure but I think it also included those convicted of certain misdemeanors. I do not think it was illegal but it was a regulation somewhere when I was in the Border Patrol and I was strongly admonished for driving a friend to court after he had been charged with a felony and not yet convicted of anything. He later pled guilty to some low level felony charge as I recall and I stopped associating with him - difficult to do at the time because we had been best buddies but I did it right away after his conviction. For some reason, I was strongly admonished by the Patrol Agent in Charge, at our station, for continuing to associate with him. (As I said though, I had already stopped associating with him because of his criminal felony conviction.) Oddly enough, sometime after I transferred from the BP to Customs, I was informed that same Patrol Agent In Charge had been arrested and convicted of alien smuggling. When I was with Customs, the same thing about not associating with criminals was explained to me by superiors in that agency as well. I am fairly certain that dependent upon the level of association, it was a firing offense. 
Yet, there was the Attorney General of the United States of America reportedly consorting with a convicted criminal by way of his guilty pleas on misdemeanor tax charges. Of course, as you are probably aware, Hunter Biden did not plead guilty to the more serious felony charge having to do with firearms; rather he agreed to a Pretrial Diversion Agreement as offered to him by the prosecution; that agreement will quite possibly avoid him having to cop a plea to a felony and thus will also avoid a conviction and jail time. (I wonder how that happened since many folks charged with the same crime are doing jail time for it.) More at the source.

Hunter Biden supposedly paid the $200,000.00 plus that he owed to the IRS back in 2021 when he was under investigation. I have to wonder though, did he pay the penalties & interest on that amount as the great majority of Americans would need to do? I have heard nor read nothing to that effect. I hope he paid penalties & interest; I mean isn't his daddy the one who is trying to hire 87,000 IRS agents to clamp down on folks who commit tax transgressions so the government gets its share of our money!

That Hunter Biden was invited to a gala event, the attendees who were top government officials is an outrage even if it is no longer or maybe never was an actual offense (I never saw it in writing was just told it was an offense). One thing is for sure in my mind, it is unethical. Then again if there were Congressmen there at said event, many of Congressmen have convictions on their records. It has always amazed me that Congressmen can have criminal convictions, I think even of felonies, and still be allowed to be voted into or remain in office and legislate the laws that federal agents and others enforce. It amazes me because: If an applicant for a federal law enforcement position was at some time convicted of a felony and of certain misdemeanors - he or she can kiss the prospect of that job goodbye. One already on the job would be fired for committing a felony and likely would be fired for a variety of misdemeanor convictions as well. So those who enforce the law must have clean records but those who make the laws need not. That really is irony and that should be changed so that legislators and any government official must have a clean record other than traffic violations or very minor misdemeanors.
As for cronyism in government, it probably will never stop.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Perfect Justification For Capital Punishment

There were 46 inmates killed in an armed prison riot in Honduras yesterday.More at the source.
I see that as the perfect reason to employ capital punishment for any crime of violence, resulting in death, that was premeditated. The fuckers who commit those crimes have little to nothing to lose and all too often kill again.
 I also see it as a good way to deal with corrupt prison officials who allowed weapons to be smuggled into a penal institution.
All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

If Christie Somehow Wins...

 ...the Rebooblkan convention, which I believe is almost impossible, then I would need to consider voting for whomever is the Demonkrat candidate. Of course, I most likely would vote for neither as they would both be leftist dirtbags in my estimation.

I find it unfathomable that he identifies as a Republican and that the GOP allows him to remain in the party. He reportedly supports, by opposing bans of, such causes as puberty blockers and gender impersonation surgery for minors.
More at the source

All thebest,

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Should You Inform A Law Enforcement Officer That You're Armed When Engaged By One?

I was in law enforcement for 32 years. If I got stopped, or otherwise was officially engaged by a LE officer, while on duty or off duty, I made it a habit of telling the officer that I was armed. It is what I was trained to do by my LE Firearms Instructors and what I trained others to do during my 16 years of collateral duties as a firearms instructor. I also was given that advice, to always notify (unless in some unusual scenarios) and I have stuck with it. I was taught that same thing by all six agencies by which I was employed: Border Patrol, Customs Patrol, Customs Office of Investigations, Bureau of Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations. I also got the same advice/training from several other agencies/departments from which I received training during the course of my career. Beside my own agencies, I got the same training/advice from the: CA Highway Patrol, GA State Police, NY State Police, NYPD, Secret Service, DEA, Federal Air Marshals and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, that was that notification was the preferred way to go while both on & off duty. If assigned to work with outside agencies & departments, especially when on a detail to another state or area, I'd usually ask what was the preferred thing to do - notify or not. Even when there was no legal obligation to do so, everyone I asked said notification was preferred. Now in retirement, I continue that habit likewise; I see no good reason to change. I have never had an officer cop (no pun intended) an attitude about me telling them I was armed. I did have one give me a face full of shit in NYC when I did not mention it (probably the only time I did not).

The reaction of the officers usually is the exact opposite of them getting nervous, taking offense or giving me a hard time about it. The officer is almost always thankful and expresses it. That I spoke up almost always results in the officer seeing it as a good bit of respect from you to him. Someone up above, in a previous post, in essence said: ‘why tell them because you aren't doing anything wrong other than that for which they stopped you’. That is often the thought of folks talking about getting stopped - that you somehow know why they stopped you. Maybe you were speeding and you know it BUT maybe the officer is stopping you for a totally different reason about which you have no clue. Maybe it is because he just received a lookout on your make & model of car, the driver of which just shot two people dead in a robbery, and you fit the description somewhat (and mind you somewhat is more than enough to make the officer nervous). Do you think it would be better for the officer to spot your gun as you reach into the glove box to get your registration or would it be better to tell him. Or how about he orders you out of the car and onto your knees then tells you to lay down on the ground. Even more revealing that he stopped you for other than what you thought, he pulls you out of the car with force because unbeknownst to you – you do better than merely somewhat fit the description of an armed felon - you match pretty much spot on! In doing so, he discovers that you are armed gun. Which would make him more nervous, you being up front before any of that happened (or even while it is happening) or one of those happening – the that being him finding it considering he stopped you for a violent felony he believes you just committed?

I have notified officers I was armed in several states; they all pretty much reacted the same – they were happy I told them. When I do so, I always try to tell them when my hands are flat on the dashboard or over the steering wheel, fingers spread wide or if out of a vehicle - with my hands in plain view with fingers spread wide. I do not go to grab my wallet/licenses until told to do so and then ONLY after notifying the officer I am armed. I obey commands of the officer when he is at the car and any he gives before he gets there. If an officer stops you and stays at his vehicle and starts giving commands like turn off your vehicle, take your keys and toss them out the driver's window, then place you hands outside the driver's window or anything along the lines of making it more difficult for you to do something – and maybe you also just happen to notice he has his gun aimed in on you - you had better pay attention. Gun or not in his hands, or whether or not you could see it in the first place, do what he says, do it slowly not like a sloth but make no rapid or unexpected quick movements AND let him know you are armed. Of course, this is all only my opinion but it is based on lots of training, experience and good sense. I like not making them nervous because there is always that chance I am being stopped or otherwise am engaging with an officer for something completely different than what I had imagined.​

Sometimes when you are dealing with an arsehat cop and yes there are some out there (bit of sarcasm there just in case you didn't detect it), it is not easy to get in a word edgewise but I do my best and will not go to grab anything anywhere on my person or in the car before telling the officer I am armed. Since I retired, I simply say something like: 'Hi officer, my driver's license is in my wallet as is my concealed carry license, I am armed with a pistol on my right hip. I usually add that I am a retired federal LEO but not always. Sometimes I suspect that gets folks out of getting a ticket - no career in LE required. Some cops really are into firearms and some will chat you up and forget all about a ticket. I honestly have little experience with that since I retired; I have been pulled over zero times in the four years since I moved out of NY (as far as I can recall right now and the little gray cells are sharp tonight). Just wait though, I figure I'll be pulled over several times tomorrow - I am that guy! Most of my experiences of being pulled over though took place while I was working in LE and there were lots of those and a few stops when I was off duty. While retired, I have been engaged by officers a few times but not in car stops. For instance, after calling 911 subsequent to witnessing a crime or notifying the PD of shots fired or whatever brings me into official contact with an LEO that has a good chance of going wrong. If they are surprised by the fact I am armed the tension level goes up immediately and I prefer it not to do so.So, I try my best to always let them know in such situations that I am armed.

Another thing about notifying an officer that you are armed is that it may or may not be a legal requirement in the state in which you are at the moment you are engaged by an officer. It also may be confusing. Arkansas, my current home state, requires a Concealed Handgun Carry Licensee to inform an officer that he is armed on demand. Oddly enough, now that AR has constitutional permitless carry, a person carrying who does not have a CHCL has no obligation to inform an officer that he is armed - well kind of, sort of, almost so. Throwing another monkey wrench into it is this tidbit: When asked for ID by an LEO in AR, the person being asked MUST present his CHCL to the officer if he has one. So while you did not have to tell him you are armed because he did not ask, you still have to in essence notify him by giving him your CHCL if asked for ID and then you are ALSO required to tell him if you are armed at that time. More at the source
The laws in each state vary widely on this issue and can be as ridiculously legislated into law as those in AR (which by the way is a very friendly state for gun owners but as I indictaed, I think they really have overly complicated laws & regulations on the subject of firearms possession). Since these laws do vary so much in different states, I think it much better to not take a chance and just let an LEO know right from the start that you are armed. Heck, I even tell them there are guns in the trunk - or wherever if such is the case. As for why the laws vary so much, well they could not make it easy, it's like they have to complicate things simply because they are politicians and this goes for the great majority of them, especially the lawyers amongst them who all too often have zero practical experience in such matters. Why they don't just make it simple and easy to understand & remember by requiring anyone who is armed to notify an LEO is beyond the scope of my imagination.

By the way, if I call 911 for anything involving violence, a good chance of potential violence or really anything hinkey, I let the 911 operator know I am a retired LEO and am armed. Then I give them a detailed description of myself so they can let the officers know that the person fitting that description - ME -is "the good guy".

All that written and maybe actually even read by some of you, you can do it however you want but I will continue notifying LEOs that I am armed. I do it for my own personal safety and for the safety of the officer(s) and now you know why I do it.
All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Biden = Either A Blithering Idiot or...

...a man whose brain is riddled with dementia or some other form of incapacitating mental disease OR BOTH, in my opinion, and he needs to be given mental heath testing and to be removed from office immediately, as I see it.

I have several years experience not only of my mom having dementia but of me visiting her and other patients so afflicted in an assisted living facility. When I visited her, and I did so fairly frequently, I tried to associate with and cheer up other patients in the same ward(s) as hers. Too many of them, as I was informed by the staff, hardly ever had visitors, if at all. I often shared the dinner table with them, sang karaoke a couple or few times, brought them snacks, wheeled some around when they needed help, talked to them and maybe most importantly listened to them. I listened and empathized even (or especially) when they sadly thought I was their husband, a long lost lover, a friend of decades or a family member. I also listened to their life stories or at least bits of them in memories of years gone by.
I learned by listening to them, and by treating them nicely, to better deal with my mom when she thought I was someone other than myself. Instead of becoming frustrated I'd just correct her and we'd usually laugh off her mistakes. She like all the others there went in and out of reality often, pretty much just like President Biden seems to do way too frequently and thus cannot do his job properly.

The thing is, with President Biden he is supposed to be the man with his finger on the pulse of the world and with nuclear codes at his fingertips. It is not like we are going to be laughing off the third world war should his handlers slip up and he pulls a Dr. Strangelove / General Jack D. Ripper move.

He has been badly off, I believe, since early in his presidency and is getting worse as each day rolls on by. He almost constantly makes up tall tales about his life, his nonexistant accomplishments like his college grades and such, his work in the Senate, his upbringing, his family (such as about how his son died), his own reputation and on and on. He repeatedly cannot remember the names of important world leaders, says truly absurd things about U.S. policies and is all too easily angered when questioned by reporters or voters. He is often found to be holding a script when giving talks or press releases and has even been caught with a list of reporters to call on and the exact answer he should give to what appear to be pre-selected questions the reporters will ask. That is and can only be attributed to the fact that his handlers know him to be incompetent due to mental illness as I see it.

One of his latest screw-ups, if not the actual latest, is that he said he, or the US, plans to build a railroad from the Pacific across the Indian OCEANS.
 "We have plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean," More at the source
Him having said that alone should be more than enough to force him to take a mental health exam. Add everything else I mentioned above plus things like: him getting seemingly lost on stage, his falls and other accidents, his muddled bumbling public speaking attempts, his repeated claims that he will get in trouble if he goes off script, his repeated evident instances of going off script, his seemingly incessent lying, his laughing at things that are truly not at all funny and his outbursts of anger - among other things - and it is painfully obvious he is unfit to serve.

One has to wonder, well one with a working brain needs wonder, who are his handlers and why do they keep this evidently mentally deficient incompetent in office!
My first guess would be because if they take him out of office, look who takes his place. That would be the word salad champion of the universe, a woman who it seems cannot speak about almost anything without breaking out in a manical type of laughing fit!
It is almost enough to make me want to believe in a God almighty who would answer my prayers for heaven to help us get Joe Biden the mental health care that I, and many others, believe he needs.
All the best,
Glenn B

Why You Should Get Firearms Carry Insurance...

 ...or I guess it would be better called self defense insurance. Colin Noir hits the nail on the head even though this video is obviously a commercial for USCCA. One of the better things he goes over is his take on open carry but don't disregard the need for insurance in the event you ever shoot someone justifiably and then are sued regardless of the legality of it. Judges all too often allow frivolous lawsuits! 
I am a firm believer in such insurance, I have a pretty high level of it with USCCA. Now I am not endorsing them, I am just letting you know that is what I have. I have no clue how good they are but that would be the same with any other insurance company I use for any insurance; you don't know until shit happens. I am also of the absolutely firm belief that open carry - except maybe at the range, while hunting or while inside your own home or on your own property - is one of the stupidest things a person carrying for self-defense can do. Why anyone wants to let everyone know they are armed and thus become a target either for a gun takeaway attempt or to become the first target if they go on a rampage is beyond my comprehension. But then I suppose some folks just have to show off. 
I guarantee, if I wanted to take away a gun from an open carrier, if I have the element of surprise, I could do it fairly easily in at least 75% of situations (if not more) in which one is open carried in a normal manner. Wake up folks, if you carry, you are better off carrying concealed - at least that is my personal and retired professional opinion and my opinion is based on lots of experience and training - decades worth. Here is the video:

I need to watch this guy more often because what I have seen of his other videos has been very good and sensible so far as far as guns go.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Don't Know About You...

 ...but I do know that I need to make a trip to the range. I have both a shotgun & revolver I bought at auction back in late April, probably received them in early May and  have not shot them yet. The shotgun is a Savage Stevens Model 94C Hammered 12 gauge; it is a single shot. The revolver is a Ruger New Model Single Six Convertible, 22 LR & 22 WMR, in stainless steel. Both are in very nice condition and I am very happy about that because I bid on them without being able to check on their condition before bidding. I usually check at least a couple to a few days before the auction but my timing was off so I tried the day before the auction. That was no good and no go because they were too busy to do it at the auction house. That's okay by me because it was my bad as they say. 

Regardless of not being able to check, I wound up with two very nice firearms. As for the shotgun, I certainly did not buy it for anything like needing another shotgun, I think I have four of them right now, two Remington 870s, a Remington Model 10 and a Remington model 31. Those are more than enough for me, in fact I recently sold my Remington model 29. I bought this one thinking it would be a nice project gun on which I'd maybe touch up the bluing and refinish the wood stock. Right now, that is still the plan but I have no clue when I, THE Great Procrastinator will get around to it. Anyway here it is in pics:


As you can see it is in pretty good shape. I have almost half a mind to leave it as is but I also have just a bit more than half a mind to strip that ghastly dark finish off of the wood and replace it with one using tung oil and lots of rubbing it in; I am a fan of more natural looking wood and there is oft times beautiful wood grain under those old time dark finishes. I know many folks prefer the original finish and a good number of them think it almost sacrilegious to refinish an older gun like this but I have no qualms about doing so. After all, this is not some rare super expensive gun, I got it for a whopping total of about $130.00 or so and that includes shipping and an FFL fee.
As for the revolver, it is staying as is except maybe for me touching up the finish on the grips or replacing them with a better looking pair. Now, they do not look bad but there appears to be finish wear when seen up close & personal. That may only need a bit of polishing though. Here are some pics of it:
I think I posted pics of these already but am just too lazy at 0545 hours of the morning to check. I got out of bed at 0350 or so and have not felt like jumping back under the covers, wide awake am I for some reason.

I bought these at auction, the same auction my son told me to bid on this for him, the this being a Glock 41 in 9mm. Here are some pics of it:

The Glock needs some repair, minor at that but repair nonetheless. Someone, an idiot I suppose, put an improperly sized pin into it as far as I can tell. It's the one above the trigger pin (its name eludes my little gray cells right now). It falls out when shot. No big deal if it is only the pin and not something internal. It will or should be an easy fix no matter what. I just hope Glock is again selling parts to the public. Apparently they had their own crisis during COVID and would not sell parts to the public for a while back then! If they are not selling parts, the pin may cost me about 10 times what it usually sells for from Glock.
As I said, I need a trip to the range. I was thinking only with the Savage Stevens & the Ruger but I guess with the Glock as well since my son gave it to me to fix being I used to be a Glock Armorer & Advanced Glock Armorer. I said used to be because I never recertified once my certification expired the last time which was the fourth certification or so for me over the years. I figured why waste the money to recertify with Glock @ of a few hundred dollars when they were not selling parts to the public. I guess when I get it fixed thought I should shoot it to make sure I got it right.
Anyway, as I said, I need a range trip. Maybe Friday, sounds good anyway.
All the best,
Glenn B


Sunday, June 11, 2023

One Down - Proably Millions More To Go

 Omce piece of muderous shit has died in jail and I for one would be okay with seeing every other person convicted of intentionally & illegally killing or maiming another drop dead by tomorrow. That is my opinion, plain & simple. More at the source.
All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Liberal Woman Laments: It's Hard To Find A Masculine Male Who Is Not A Conservative!

Well, about all I have to say to her is - No Shit Sherlock!
What she wants but cannot find, or is difficult for her to find, in a liberal male is: 
“A man who wants to pay on the first date; who wants to open your door; who has that want and desire to take care of you and provide — who is not a conservative.” Of course she evidently is talking about trying to find a liberal male who will do all that for a liberal female like herself. More at the source.
Well, maybe it's because so many liberal males nowadays are prone to playing the skin flute! That's just a thought that went through my mind as I was typing. Another thought is, if she wants a guy like that, maybe she should become a conservative; after all, she is desirous of a male who has conservative traits. Then again, maybe she has been fooling herself - heck maybe she is just confused - and really is conservative deep down inside. I mean why would she want those traits in her guy if not so!

All the best,
Glenn B

A New Gadget/Link List Added To My Blog

 The latest addition to my blog is YOUTUBE FAVORITES. It appears just above the first of my several blog rolls on the right side of my page in "The Red Zone" (by name not color). I am kind of partial to the guy whose channel is the first I have added (note they will not appear in the order added but alphabetically or at least they should appear that way). You probably can figure out why I am partial to his channel since all I will say right now about him is that he is a chip off the old block. His YouTube channel is:

He has three videos right now but I am pretty sure he will add more fairly soon. Speaking of adding more videos, I should probably link my YouTube channel and add some to it; it has been way to long since I've added any, especially ones about guns & ammo. Mine is simple titled Glenn B. It is at:

All the best,
Glenn B

Gun Show Deals

Went to the gun show in Conway, AR today. A guy waiting on line near me asked the guy in front of us what he wanted for Glock 43 with a robin's egg blue frame and what looked like a stainless slide. It came in the case with all accessories and papers and looked to be in excellent condition. The guy asked $350, the other guy offered $300, the guy with the pistol accepted immediately. Less than 5 minutes later, I saw the guy who bought that pistol sell it for a very nice $100 profit - to a dealer. I was right behind him as I went in and saw a dealer stop him right away to ask if he was selling it - so I watched. You cannot beat a deal like that by much - a 25% cash profit in a few minutes is excellent!
I also saw guy (you can figure out who in my next post) buy 1,200 rounds of crated 7.62x39mm steel cased ammo for about half of what it usually sells for nowadays, he paid $300.00 for the 1,200 rds. That works out to 25 cents per round! The least expensive amount for the same caliber of steel cased ammo on Ammoseek (as I type) is 36.6 cents per round with a very high shipping cost that would make it much more per round (and of course there was no shipping or tax on this stuff at the gun show). It was almost definitely Norinco ammo judging by the case. I have seen other such wooden cases before that were exactly the same construction, those were all made by Norinco; I have never seen a case like those manufactured by anyone else. Norinco ammo was banned by Clinton in the 1990s - it usually brings a premium from collectors or just from fools folks who are impressed and willing to pay more because it was banned.  That was one of the best ammo deals I have seen in a long while regardless of what brand. The guy  bought the ammo from a show attendee (not one of the dealers) who was walking around with a cart full of ammo he was trying to sell. The guy who bought was in the right place at the right time and jumped right on it - he should be proud of his deal finding skills.
I wish I had seen the pistol being sold before the other guy saw it - timing is everything.

Me, I sold a revolver, I did not buy a thing (corrected to say the following) and yes I did buy something - three 1911 mags marked Colt; although, I am 99.9% certain they are knockoffs being they were 3 or $25.00. As for my revolver, the dealer who bought it paid me $25.00 less than I wanted but that was okay by me, I needed the money. He got a great deal and I lost money on that gun. The thing is, any attendee who would have bought it could have had the same great deal but now someone will pay through their arse if buying it because a dealer will be selling it and you can bet the dealer will add at least 25% if not more to his selling price. I plan to go back tomorrow and will see if he offers it on his table and for what price.
I could not believe some of the prices there today - I thought a dealer asking $800.00 for a takedown Ruger 10/22 was bad. That was until, and I kid you not, one dealer was selling a regular 10/22 with a price tag of $1,000.00. I mean come on - that was plain crazy!!! You'd have to be an outright idiot to buy it, well to buy either one as I see it. Of course there were the $750.00+ Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles as well and plenty of other overpriced guns & ammo - but the deals were there. You just had to know how to find them and jump om them ASAP. Speaking of idiots, my son saw a guy badly admonishing another guy he was with for having paid way too much for an AR pistol that looked hoopty (one of my son's favorite words that he applies to anything old & in crappy condition).
I probably am going back to the same show tomorrow and am going to watch the line - the line of folks outside of the show to see what they bring to sell. That should be a much better form of linewatch than the linewatch I used to do in the Border Patrol. Watching for & grabbing some good gun deals has got be more enjoyable for me than grabbing a bunch of illegal aliens.

Now truly, I don't know why folks on a Gun Forum I use often bitch & moan that you cannot find good deals at a gun show. Maybe you cannot find them from a dealer at his table but you certainly can sometimes find them from attendees who bring guns & ammo with them to sell at the shows and you do not even have to pay the entry fee if you just wait next to the line outside. Maybe I am giving away a great secret, to find some great deals, but maybe that's just because I am an idiot a nice guy now and again!
All the best,
Glenn B 

A 13 Year Old Hero & A Million Dollar Story?

 If you have not heard about it yet,read the story at Fox News about the four children who survived 40 days in the Colombian jungle after surviving a plane crash that killed all three adults onboard. Somehow the children survived and survived for 40 days to finally be found by rescuers. That they were found alive may be even more amazing than the fact that the survived - who has ever heard of any authorities continuing a search & rescue operation for 40 days! More at the source.
 Something tells me that the 13 year old will be hailed as a hero, maybe the nine year old too, but my guess, and it is just a guess, is that the 13 year old had the wits about her to have saved them all. 
While I suggest reading the story, let me say first, there is not much info in it yet. I hope they follow-up on it here in the American media, I'd like to know how they did it considering that an 11 month old baby was among the four and remember all four survived. It boggles the mind how they did it but so far the authorities in Colombia have evidently said that some of the reasons is that they are indigenous to that are of Colombia and knew which plants they could eat to survive. I am sure that sooner or later a book or a movie will be made about their ordeal. Of course, whatever they get from that will not make up for the loss of their mom in the crash.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

So I Am Laying Here In A Hospital Bed...

 ...after surgery to essentially ream out my prostate gland and my urethra although the doc said he shaved them and called it Turp with a Loop. No cancer but it was almost 3X normal size and getting up to pee anywhere from 1 to 15 times a night was getting to be way too much with arthritis pain in many joints but mostly my right hip and right shoulder  and a totally dry mouth, a result of radiation treatments for throat cancer in 2011. I figure not having to get out of bed to pee so any times will help a lot with me getting better sleep. I can sleep through the pains by changing position or taking oxy and aspirin and I keep a bottle of water in the bed for small sips for the dry mouth.
Last night and tonight, I finished reading one of the best books I have ever read. Not a literary masterpiece in writing style but a damned excellent adventure story. The thing is, I had two or three other books by the same author and left them in a book share box outside my local dog park a month or two ago. Now I wish I had kept them until at least I had read them.
Somehow, I kept the one I just completed. I had read only 26 pages before I got to the hospital. Last night I read a few to several more pages but was so groggy from fentanyl, oxycodone and two other dopes, I think one was dilaudid and the other I have no clue. So, i had to quit at maybe page 35 at most as I kept nodding off. Today I finished it, a short book of I think 131 pages total.

As I said, it is definitely not a literary masterpiece but was a could not put down nonstop adventure, thrilling for a lot of it, and was about a man in the mid 1870s western US. The author was Louis Lamour and the title Sackett. I was an idiot to have gotten rid of those other novels of his!

Luckily - maybe - I think I know who has the other ones and I am going to ask him to give them back to me to read and if he still wants them I will return them to him. Time will tell.

While I am supposedly going to be discharged tomorrow, I have started passing more blood after some pain in my groin kicked in tonight despite taking a good deal of painkillers yesterday and  today. It is also the first time the surgery site has hurt. Am I really going home, well to my son's home, tomorrow? Again, time will tell. 
If I have to stay longer, I hope my son can bring me a spy novel by John LeCarre that I left at his place thinking that Sackett would take me longer to read. I read 10 to at most 30 pages of a book then put it down and read more a day or a few days to two weeks or maybe a month later. Sackett, I could not put down today until I had finished it. If you like westerns or adventure books, read it.

All the best, 
Glenn B