Saturday, May 19, 2007

Decisions, Decisions...

...time to make up my mind about what to do for the rest of tonight and for early tomorrow. I already have plans for the afternoon tomorrow, but what I choose now, to do tomorrow earlier in the day tomorrow, will decide whether or not I hit the hay early and with the help of a glass of wine to make sure I sleep well (no not a normal habit, but I napped earlier this evening and am none to tired now).

I have been thinking of grabbing a flexible stick or two, and some string on a crankable spool, and heading for pond or the ocean, and trying to catch a scaled denizen of the deep.

It would suit my fancy fine,
if I awake early on the morn,
to bait a hook and wet a line,
long before the crack of dawn.

Yes, that would be nice, if I get up early enough; and if it is not raining. While I have fished in the rain, it is a bit to cool for my middle aged bones to be out playing in the rain, so that could make me pass on flounder for dinner.

There is an alternative, we always have choices. If I get up a bit too late for wetting a line, or of it is raining, I can always go out to look through one man's trash to see if I can find my treasure. Know not literally look through trash, but I may go to a few tag/estate sales tomorrow morning. I'll have to check the paper to see if there are any promising sounding ones nearby; and of course I'll also have to count my shekels to see if I have enough to buy anything. Who knows, maybe I'll find a nice fishing pole, or a nice rifle. I bought a couple of nice rifles like that already, including one of my favorites a marlin 336 in .35 Remington.

My final alternative would be to finish cleaning up my Mosin Nagant M44. I got the bolt cleaned some time back, but never got around to the rest of the rifle. Cosmoline can be so inhibiting, not only of rust, but of the will to get the job done. That indeed would be a good rainy day project, but one for which I am not sure I am prepared either with the proper solvents, or with the right frame of mind and gusto, to get the job done right now.

Who knows though, what a good night's sleep may bring. Decisions, decisions, time to think it all over with a nice glass of red wine to my lips, an open tackle box on the table before me, a rifle leaning in the corner of the room, some cash burning a hole in my pocket, the desire to find treasure in whatever I do tomorrow, and the prospect of a good night's sleep to dream about it all. I am sure my mind will be made up before the sun rises, but am none to sure I will be up that early. Decisions, decisions...

Sleep well,
Glenn B

Ammo Guess Contest Again...

Hi All,

No I am not having another contest, but I again am bringing up the subject of the recent contest because the tentative winner has not yet contacted me with his name and address. The tentative winner was Jeff as I previously posted, so: Jeff if you want the holster please send me the required email to I am waiting, and you have three more days after 11:59 tonight. If you don't claim the prize by then, it will go to someone else. Two nice holsters from which to choose. Your loss if you don't claim one of them.

All the best,
Glenn B