Thursday, September 14, 2006

Slowly but surely...

...the site traffic has picked up a bit for this blog. I have had 183 page visits to date, with 490 page views, from at least 4 continents, and 8 countries, to include: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Jordan, Tunisia, the United Kingdom, and of course, the United States. My blog is getting about 8 page visits a day recently (from different people), but that is up from what had been only 3. Some folks have spent a few seconds looking, and some others well over a 1/2 hour per visit. That is encouraging.

Hopefully word of my rants will spread and more folks will become readers. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section. Thanks for visiting, hope you are enjoying what you see here.

All the best,
Glenn B

Have you wondered why I prefer

...and why I make more references to news material I have found at than to other news organizations such as CNN? In fact I think almost all of my references since I started this blog have come from Fox. Well there is a reason dear readers, and I will explain by a comparisson between articles I just read about the passing of ex-governor of Texas Ann Richards.

CNN reports on her death here:

According to CNN she was quick witted, which maybe she was, and to this so called quick wittedness, CNN attributes the following statement that she made about former president George Bush (the older one folks not the current one):

"Poor George. He can't help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth. "

As seems to be the norm for the left, they readily attack their opponents with rhetoric of no particular value other than maybe that it gets a snicker or a laugh, or wins a vote from an ultra lib. Ann Richards was, in my opinion, often irreverant when there was no call for such; but she was more than that, she was an effective politician too.

Despite the fact that she was a sweetheart of the Democrats' party, it is rather interesting to consider that CNN reports on what she did for a living once she left political office, after having served in various positions since about the mid 1970s through her last political spot as the governor of Texas for 4 years from 1991 to 1995. According to the same CNN article:

"She never ran for office again and spent the next years working as a consultant and commentator and serving on corporate boards."

It is rather funny how CNN reports on this without really reporting, at least in this article, about what she got done as a politician. She was best known not as a quipping comedian, nor as a corporate leader; she was best known as a politician. Why would they so readily let the world know that once she left office she went and did what many conservatives do, find employment in the dreaded (at least by ultra leftists) corporate world, that is without giving her much, if any, credit for what she accomplished whilem in political office? Pretty much the only other things the CNN article mentions are some other quippy quotes from her, the fact that she had overcome alcoholism, and some other things about her "unconventionality", and personal life. It is kind of strange, as I see it, that these are the type of things which CNN decided to report upon regarding her.

Although the CNN article does not tell much more about her than mentioned above, does tell a little about her actual politics here:,2933,213731,00.html

What the articles points out is that she was a "...champion of women and minorities". As far as I recall she did her best to open the Texas state government to those of all ethinic backgrounds which I guess is how it should be since we are a multi-ethnic nation. A quote relative to this was also in the Fox article. I wonder why CNN made no such mention, because as I remember it is one of the things for which she was most well known and most well respected in the world of Texas politics.

She did many things along the lines of firsts in Texas government. The article points some of them out in this paragraph:

"As governor, Richards appointed the first black University of Texas regent, the first crime victim on the state Criminal Justice Board, the first disabled person on the human services board and the first teacher to lead the State Board of Education. Under Richards, the fabled Texas Rangers pinned stars on their first black and female officers." (From the same article linked above.)

The article also went on to list several ofhter things she had accomplished or tried to accomplish while she was in Texas political office. Much of that is to be found in this paragraph, also from the same article from Fox to which I gave the above link:

"She also polished Texas' image, courted movie producers, campaigned for the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico, oversaw a doubling of the state prison system and presided over rising student achievement scores and plunging dropout rates."

She was a darling of the left, and even well liked, or at least well respected by many of the right. So why is it that an apparently (at least as i see them) left leaning news organization such as CNN does not give her, what I believe, is her due and talk about her real political achievements? Why is it a right leaning (or is it really a fair and balanced news organization) like actually talks about her political achievements in some detail? I just don't get it, unless Fox really is fair and balanced. Do you? You know, maybe those on the far left will say it is some sort of a right wing conspiracy, and that would give me a laugh, but at the same time be so typical.

While CNN does give a few more quotes that she made during her lifetime, they leave out this one (at least in the CNN article to which I linked above), one that had in its article:

" "I did not want my tombstone to read, 'She kept a really clean house.' I think I'd like them to remember me by saying, 'She opened government to everyone." "

She lived, she died, and even though I did not agree with much of her politics I must admit she did a lot in her service to the people of Texas. That is how she wanted to be remembered. gave her the respect that I believe she deserved; while CNN, in my opinion, did not. Go figure. Now you know, or at least have an example of, why I prefer

All the best,
Glenn B